Me Next Please?

15 years 9 months ago #14926 by Ghilly
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Hoof trimming time, Koru's turn. I cleaned and bathed, clipped and trimmed Korus hooves the other day.

I decided the best place to tie her up for her pedicure was in the race so I could shut the gate and keep the rest of them out of mischief.

Job done, I let Koru off the lead and went to let her back in with the others. They had all been having a good nosey through the gate so I wasn't expecting any willing participants and my back was feeling creaky so I thought I'd just leave it with Koru done and do another one the next day..... saves on Antiflam :rolleyes:

While Koru was making her way through the gate, Athena wandered over with a look of curiosity on her face that had me wondering just what she was planning so I let her through the gate. She walked right past me and stood where Koru had been tethered. My Goodness! She wants her feet trimmed! [:0] Why disappoint her? So I tied her up, had a bit of a stretch and got on with it.... seeing as she was so willing!

I've never had any of them 'asking' for their feet to be done but madam knew what she wanted and where she needed to go to get it. Amazing!

Of course the job would have been quicker if she hadn't decided to try and sit down halfway through. They needed doing, badly in fact, so I'm glad she decided she was next. All that wet weather we've had hasn't done them any favours in the feet department but at least they're not really really bad, just a lot of trimming and cutting back, no nasty bits.

I still have 4 to go and Artemis isn't going to waltz up to me like her sister did. She will no doubt lead me a merry wee dance unless I can lure her in with some tasty treat but she seems to be wise to that ploy too.

I don't have a problem with Cricket and Hanukkah, they usually mug me as soon as I enter the paddock no treats needed, they usually want to know what I have in my pockets and don't wait for an invitation to find out.

Yakut will trot along in front of me until she's had enough of playing chasing. She's not really trying too hard to avoid me but it obviously gives her some amusement to get me puffing before she stops.

Don't cha just gotta love them?


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15 years 9 months ago #227975 by Dream Weaver
Replied by Dream Weaver on topic Me Next Please?
Yeah ya sure do!!:) I HATE feet trimming day and so does Hubby. Its dam hard on your back and when you have some, like you say Yakut who just use it as an excuse to try and get us fit by running around the paddock like some posessed idiot until they have had their fun before letting themselves be caught at which by that time your fit to kill!! lol then you have the ones who like Henry and my Alpines are fine with front trim but get to the back and its like you need a hard hat, they kick out and try and get away Grrr buggers. Then there is Henry whos always first but when you have done his, he stands beside you while the next victim is being done and tries to kiss and push his way in for a cuddle. He always trys to eat hubbys hat its so funny to watch.
Athena WANTING to be next in line and willingly come in!...... wow now theres a good goat.

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15 years 9 months ago #228007 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Me Next Please?
I've just been over to have a look at the neighbours pet wether sheep.

YE GODS!!!![B)][xx(] Massive massive strawberry growths, three in all, two on one foot and one on the other. They were too big for me to mess with...I haven't dealt with them before but these things are huge!!!! He had a pair of garden shears and I was trying to clip back the hoof walls but they just wouldn't cut properly.

Suddenly, the guys daughter said "ooh Maggots" and there, coming from between the two strawberry growths were maggots oozing out. I sprayed them with Koppertox, the only thing I had. Made them wriggle though and I managed to scrape bundles of them out from under, between and around the growths....

The vet has been called. My Gumboots are soaking in Dettol in the laundry sink. I am very aware of viruses spreading because of footwear carrying the bug so my wellies went straight into the sink. I was even rather reluctant to walk up the driveway and found myself treading lightly as though I was trying to avoid touching the ground... silly sod.

It was mentioned to the owner when the 'Two LSB Angels' came, sheared him and cut his hooves, that he was having a problem with his front feet. He has spent every day crawling around on his front knees but his owner said that's what he does......!? Well now the evidence of why he walks on his knees is obvious to him, it's a pity it had to get that bad before he actually looked at the reason.

These growths are huge and seem to have necks where they join onto the base of the hoof, like mushrooms. Two are as big as my thumb from the tip to the first knuckle and literally dangling about two cms from the hoof.
The other hoof has one about the size of a marble, also dangling clear of the actual hoof.

I know coppersulphate is used on these things but with them being so big and I have never dealt with them before, plus what looks to be foot rot on one of the hooves,.... well I won't touch something I know nothing about. A little knowledge can be worse than none.

My guess is the vet will either cauterise (sp?) them and pack them with coppersulphate or cut them off and pack them..... either way, at least the poor bloke will hopefully be on the mend.


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15 years 9 months ago #228023 by Dream Weaver
Replied by Dream Weaver on topic Me Next Please?
Oh no that sounds terrible for the poor sheep. And not being mean but it sounds like these guys feet have been somewhat neglected to, I mean one walking on his knees................:0 It has been so wet that so many of us have had to be extra vigilent this winter. I have had the vet out twice for henry who ended up having bandages on his feet, and now they are fine. And one of my Alpines needed attention. Our vet had said how they had been to so many animals this winter who had never had foot trouble before but now were a mess. She said it was just the ground had been so so wet and not managed to dry out.
The ground is drying out now and feet are improving greatly.
It must be very uncomfortable for those two wethers to have growths that bad, poor guys. let us know what the vet says if you manage to find out.

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