2 litres of milk - Schluuuurrrrrp

15 years 9 months ago #14860 by Ghilly
Milking as usual tonight and I had milked Koru, then moved on to Athena.
Milked about two litres out of her and was just getting the last 300 mls or so when I heard from behind me where the milk bucket was (I milk into a jug or Athena tries to sit down and put her udder in the bucket....)


Koru had undone herself and sucked up, very silently until that point, 2 litres of milk... at least!

Oooh so quiet, so sneaky! And do you think she was going to get her head out of the bucket for me? not a chance. I had to really push to get her far enough away so I had leveredge to kind of tilt the bucket and pull at the same time, holding her back with my free arm.

I figured the remaining milk probably had goat slobber in it so I threw it out.

Kim had boiled eggs today and the leftovers were put in the little pedal bin we have for compost. Tonks managed to get the lid up, steal the top part of the egg shell with some white in it and must have got it as far as the floor before Pilot took it. I found Pilot hurredly trying to vacuum up the evidence.

This morning Kim had some left over porridge, I forgotten to give it to the dogs before they went out so I thought I'd save it for when they decided to come inside again. I went out to do the goats and when I got back, Tonks had the last little bit of it on the floor and was just finishing it off.

It must be the moon position or something in the stars.. or the water?..... they have all turned into habitual thieves! Nothing is safe! Not for an instant!

Cricket made off with my tobacco pouch again tonight but luckily the shelter gate was shut so she had nowhere to run to.

:p My theory on this act of theft is that Athena and Artemis, who remind Kim of Patty and Selma on 'The Simpsons' (Marges sisters) nick around the back of the goat shelter for a quick ciggy and a nag..... they have put Cricket and Hanukkah in charge of pinching the tobacco and passing it on to them, possibly as part of a protection racket, I don't know, then 'Patty and Selma' nip around the back of the shelter and roll themselves a fag each...... my query is, how do they roll them with hooves, no fingers? :p


Blardy Daylight saving!


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15 years 9 months ago #227071 by beedee
DEY use those lips, thats why they have the ability to roll up esp the top one, then they snort and thats the spit to keep it stuck together, then its off for a snorting tootling time..
OR Maybe they are trying to get you to stop !!!!!!!!!!!

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15 years 9 months ago #227133 by Dream Weaver
Ha ha LOVE it Yakut. wow the thieves are obviously on a roll at your place. All types and all sizes, your right it must be something about the moon lol.

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