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15 years 11 months ago #13315 by Hawai
Would you have any knowledge on Digitizing tablets & stylus? With the help of a "how to" book I've been teaching myself to use Photoshop & now that I'm getting better and looking for a little more refinement I'd like to get a tablet & stylus. The book I'm using recommends a Wacom Intuos 3 as the "most responsive tablet & stylus on the market" but at $600 (and upwards) the price is a bit painful.
Are you able to recommend a more reasonably priced one (say up to $250) that would do the job ok?

Many thanks.

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15 years 11 months ago #205403 by GrantK
Hello Hawai,

It's interesting that you have raised the subject of a Tablet and Stylus. Around 12 years ago, I bought one of these for use with Photoshop. At the time I was doing a lot of retouching scanned photographs and it was really handy to have the pressure-sensitive stylus.

I used it for a year or so I guess, and then the family computer got taken over by the kids, so the stylus has never been used again. However, my son is now doing a lot of work in Photoshop and a few days ago, he mentioned the old tablet and stylus that has been sitting in our drawer. He was going to try and get it going again, but there is a problem:

His PC doesn't have a serial port :(

I suggested that he has a look at Dick Smith for a USB to Serial Converter, but I'm not sure how far he has got.

If your PC has a serial port and you are prepared to look at a 12-year old Wacom tablet and stylus (in excellent condition), you could have it for a very reasonable price :)

Let me know if that is of any interest, and I will get my other son to test it as I know that his PC does have a serial port.

Failing that, I suggest you have a look on Trade Me for suitable tablets. Wacom are definitely the best brand of tablet, but you may find others that are also OK.

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