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I am sorry, Suzanne, for what you and yours are going through.

I am also sorry to confess that I haven't been following this thread carefully, so forgive me for anything I say which might not fit the picture.

But ... it might be worth something.

Didn't you just hurt your back lifting your DH? It could be bad enough to be off work for, oh, say a week or two (or {gasp} more). If there is an external force involved, it will be covered by ACC. I know there is a 'stand down' period until ACC covers 80% of your wages, but backs can be reeeeeally tricky things, and can take quite a while to recover.

Perhaps this might give you the breathing space you require to call and ask for the help you need? It may also mean respite care becomes available to you - which may not be what you want, but it may be (possibly) what you need. It could mean some home help even.

I also know that the Cancer Society here have volunteer drivers who take patients in for treatment and/or care at the Hospice. Perhaps that is something you could ask about - if your car won't go, how else is your husband supposed to get to appointments?

Anyway, I'm should probably stop rambling now.

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some of you are concerned about that you might worry me with telling things that happened to other people,,no worries! :)

I can not back out of work and go to winz, it would give even less and we would be out of the house within a month.
I keep on and try to think positive as to that hubbie is to be up and working if so only part time within a couple of months.
ACC, I know what you mean,,if I slip on the frosty grass and hurt my back then I might be able to stay home for back pain for a month or two and look after hubbie :)
I am so glad we don't have any kids to support for.

I am to meet up with a person from the cancer society and then I will see if there is something we can get help with.
the worst thing is that when a family member gets sick and you have to think about money all the time,,but maybe that is good therapy because it takes away other thoughts about the sickness, kind of preoccupie your mind with things that get broken and stop working while you are down on one pay only,,ironic-sarcastic smile :)
when nothing else helps- laugh at the misery! :)

yes, you can get volonteers to drive to and from hospital.
we have heard horror stories about that.
it might be totally wrong!
they drive you there and forget to pick you up.
the driver lost his/her family member to cancer and talk about this all the time while driving.
also who wants to be so sick so you can't hardly sit up and you have no hair and feel womitty and freeze all the time and then in a car with a perfect stranger and you feel obliged to socialize!

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