Agenda on TV, green cars.

16 years 4 months ago #1323 by Hestia
They have today been talking about green cars and punisihing those that drive old cars.

It was said that poor pople that drive old cars live close to highways, what a load of BS!
I am poor, I live out in the wops and need my car to get to work.
I can not afford to buy a house close to "civilisation" and I can not afford to but a new car!
These politicians does not seem to realise that we do not have money and can't just go out and buy a new car!
Sounded as if the green politician Fitz whatever her name is want me to get punished and forced to sell up and move in to town and live in a rental??

Also who says that new green cars are greener than an old cortina of 1965?
To develop and build a new car every year takes heaps of energy out of mother earth so maybe the old well looked after cortina is greener than a new car that has costed so much in developing and also material?
Just take one car, one new car and take it apart and see where the materials come from and how much it costed to make these parts?

Seems as if politicians only see what comes out of the exhaust pipe and not what kind of "fumes" and energy it did cost to create these new cars!

So the lifestyleblock person that lives as clean and green as possible and has an old well looked after car is to be the one that takes the punishment?

Your thoughts!
Am I totally wrong out?

also this Fitz person said that we that are poor and live by the highways and drive old cars should think about that we get shorter lifes and get sick out of bad air and should buy a new car. Is she sponsored by the car industry?
if it was that easy to get a new car I think every one would already have one not because of thathey think clean and green but more to be able to keep up their status in the society, many think it is important to have a new car because of what your neighbour thinks of you.
When we know that people that are poor and live in rentals can't pay their daily expensives it is a slap in the face to talk about thatthey should know their own best and buy a new car to be able to live a longer and healthier life!

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16 years 4 months ago #58318 by Toni - Northland
Replied by Toni - Northland on topic Agenda on TV, green cars.
One more example of our Heir Helen government. I would like to see a list of what cars the pollies drive.

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