Maths!!!! ??????

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I think reading your post should be compulsory for all math teachers! That'll teach them! :D

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A few years ago now, back in the early 90's, a group of us helped a friend rebuild her kitchen. All we had was a foundation and the front part of the house. We made the frames for the walls. The end wall was quite long and went right across the back of the house, with three windows in it.

We built it in two sections (or was it three) and while it was lying on the floor, it was measured from corner to diagonal corner, to make sure it was square. It was something like 3 mm out which was more of a celebration than an 'oh buggar' because what's 3 mm when you're dealing with something around 4 metres. There was a loud "Wooohooo!" from the owner and plans were made to raise. A combined effort got it up and fixed in place and held with bits of four x two nailed to the frame and pegs in the ground.

This is how I thought I could get a square angle, by measuring diagonally and where the correct measurement touched the string line, would be the correct place. Obviously not!

It's a fine day today so I can put my little 'helpers' in the back paddock and have another go.

Rain is forecast for the weekend so I'd LOVE to get it up before then. Even if it's just the roof......

Trying to get my head around maths problems is a bit like trying to see in pitch darkness. No matter how wide you open your eyes, you still can't see your hand in front of your face. No matter how hard I think, and I'm talking 'STRAIN' here, I can't see how maths works.
I'm not meaning adding and subtracting, I mean the physics side of the thing, geometry and algebra and whatever other wee mysteries it holds.

Quite right H.P X = X and fits between W and Y.

My mate Nat is a whizz with maths.... did well at school with it. She tried to explain this alphabet involvement and we ended up arguing about it, not to the point of anger, we were both laughing at each other, I knew she was right but things had got to the point were I was defending the poor old finite alphabet and she was saying the letters were only being borrowed and would be given back when they'd done the job.

I was arguing that sticking a letter in where a number wasn't known couldn't possibly make any difference if you didn't know what the number was, how the hell could you use a letter to substitute and get an answer.?

In the world of animal breeding, you end up with a cross bred. See? Makes no sense.

I'd actually asked her to teach me how to do this sort of maths but obviously my mind wasn't open to this sort of logic..... to me, it's not logical. The more she tried to teach me, the more I sat there staring and blinking vacantly, my mind became a gently swirling fog.
I'd look at the problem she had written down and see some sort of weird code, then I'd look at her. She would look at me and reexplain. "Do you get that?" she'd ask. "Huh? no", I'd say, "sigh, ok," and she'd have another go.

This would continue for a while and then the old argument about stealing letters would crop up again.

I know there must be some sort of key to understanding this stuff but I never had one.


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