Little hussys!

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Today as I was leaving in the ute, I spotted Hanukkah and Cricket acting odd. I stopped and had a look. Cricket had been standing at the fence wagging her tail and giving Song 'looks'. She had then gone over to Hanukkah and the two of them had pranced about, Hanukkah had a wee ride of Cricket. They were both showing what I thought were distinct signs of being on heat. Discharge etc.... "OOOOOh" I thought, "here we go!"

I went and saw H.P in Tuakau and he phoned our friend in Cambridge.
I went off and got some feed for my lot and a bag of yummy stuff for H.P.

He had got hold of EmmaOs and it was all arranged. I was to rip home, drop off the feed and load up the two hussys to whip them down to Cambridge.

It was one of those journeys that seem to take forever......

I had a look at all the newborn kids and had a quick cuddle and then we took Hanukkah and Cricket down to the buck barn.

Cricket was going to 'visit' Sydney and Hanukkah would 'visit' Jumangi.

Cricket was duly led over and introduced to Sydney. She ran around in circles, she shot out forwards when he went to work, she jumped this way and that. Sydney decided he'd rather be back in with the boys. SO! the little tart ISN'T in season. Buggar!

Next was Hanukkah. It took a while to catch Jumangi, he was in with the bigger boys. He was led out and introduced to Hanukkah. She's obviously been to the same ballet school as Cricket because she performed the same moves and Jumangi went off to look at the boys through the fence.

The girls were loaded back into the ute and we went back to the girls barn.
There, I was shown a doe that was running with Hanukkah when the bucks were introduced way back in February. She has been scanned and is definately in kid but doesn't look like it. So there is every possibility that Hanukkah is also in kid and didn't slip as I had thought.

The reason I thought she had slipped was because she had one strand of clear red discharge across her back end and any foetus would have been a little bigger than a baked bean at that stage so there wouldn't have been any major mess or drama.

The thing was, this afternoon, they both had discharge and were both acting like a couple of call girls. Tails waggling, the works.

It was a long way there and a long way back, PLUS I thought I could get back to the turn off by taking another route and ended up going in the right direction but not where I thought I'd end up. I was sort of lost but I knew I had to arrive at a turn off somewhere... either that or end up in Hamilton and have to figure my way back from there. Not the sort of adventure you want when your tired. I think what I did was sort of like going around the block from the other direction... I dunno.... it's not the same when it's dark.

I stopped to get Micky D's for dinner and shoved both girls back into the paddock while we ate. I then mixed them all up some grain and lucerne and wetted it down with a nice brew of hot water, molasses and cider vinegar. There were no complaints. I tethered Hanukkah and Cricket next to each other in the shelter and they got stuck into their tucker.

There's something very satisfying in the sound a goat makes when it's eating. Yakut makes the most wonderful chomp chomp noises when she's got a mouth full of hay. It's a great sound. All quiet apart from the sounds of serious eating.

Getting the goats into the ute to go somewhere is a real battle. Getting them back in it to come home is no problem at all.

When Hanukkah went to the vets, she didn't want to get in the ute. When she got to the vets, she didn't want to come out. After the vet had seen her, she couldn't wait to get back in and when we got home she was only too pleased to get back to the paddock to tell everyone all about it.


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16 years 1 month ago #203081 by Dream Weaver
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What a bugger they were not quite ready. Its dam frustrating isn't it! You wait and wait and it seems to take forever. I have been wanting to get Ebby in kid but I am sure my girls do not cycle properly. I have seen my nubian a couple of times but thats about it.
what a long drive it sounded but hey at least they had an afternoon out lol little tarts lol. and you got to cuddle some tiny tots so all worth it in the end.

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16 years 1 month ago #203157 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Little hussys!
They are so cute Smilie. There were some at the stage where they are discovering their legs and what they could do. Two or three days old? Well they were running about and trying to jump on a bale of straw. Some had obviously practiced but there were a several that were following the others and falling short. Front legs went up but the back legs didn't and they were landing in a surprised wee pile at the bottom of the bale. These ones wriggled upright and had another go. They are so funny.
There were quite a few asleep under a couple of heat lamps, all curled up in piles.

Oooh and then there was that lovely sound of serious sucking on the teats around the milk bucket. Tails wagging furiously.

A few of them decided my legs might have teats sticking out of them so I was nudged and prodded. How could I resist giving them a cuddle?!!!

They were mostly AN with a few cross breeds of AN and Saanen. Those great long ears... Awwwwww.

I have a choice with Hanukkah, take her for a scan or wait and see.
Hmmmmmm...... I have to think about cost..... will it be just to satisfy my curiosity and to know for sure or should I just let things take their course?

I'm having another session of not sleeping and waking up very late. Might have to jog that back into place with a pill cos I'm not getting anything done. By the time I've got my head around what I need to do, it's too late in the day to do it. Buggaration.!


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16 years 1 month ago #203215 by Dream Weaver
Replied by Dream Weaver on topic Little hussys!
Awww the babies sound soooo cute. I wish i was going to have a new baby this year but Ebby isn't co operating when it comes to going on heat. There is nothing more satisfying than being around newborns like that.
Know what you mean about no sleep then waking to dr4ag yourself out of bed when you should have already been up and at it. Mine is all menopause (oh the joys) I think you're a tad younger than me so wont be your problem. But oh I can sympathise with the not having time to get all you need to do done as its getting too late in the day. Has your flu gone now?

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