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We all do our fair share of moaning, and often with good cause, at the lousy service we get from businesses so it's nice to deal with people that go that extra mile. I've had two cases of it in the last month and it's interesting that it made me feel good to deal with people and a company who thought I, as their customer, was important.

The first was Skyworks, a well known helicopter aerial spraying and top dressing outfit. The pilot does his own organising and he could not have been more helpful if he had tried. He gave me information and various options as to how to go about what I was wanting done and once we had established that, kept in constant touch regarding weather and when he could get to do it. We were only having 10 hectares of gorse sprayed but I was treated with as much importance as somebody having 1,000 hectares sprayed.

The second good dealings were not with a business as such. Most of you have possibly seen the advert in rural newspapers and some the LSB type magazines selling 20 litre buckets. I'm always in the market for these so rang and got hold of a very well spoken and witty man and put my order in. Last Monday I sent the cheque off enclosing a little note saying that I would be interested in any spare lids they might have. Thursday evening the witty man rang to say he was sending 30 extra lids up with the buckets and the freight would be $14.00. No mention was made about charging for the lids and he had gone before I had the opportunity to ask. Friday I posted another cheque off covering the freight and what I deemed the lids to be worth. This morning the buckets and a box of lids arrived. All done in less than a week. This is a Rotary project being run by the Marton Rotary so not a profit making organisation but with service that would leave a lot of businesses in the dark. On top of that, I bought these buckets for half the price I can purchase them up here - and they come from the same place.

A bit of a rave but it's good to be able to say nice things about services provided and if it gives people a bit of free advertising, that's ok too.[;)]


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14 years 3 weeks ago #202025 by maggies mum
Replied by maggies mum on topic Good Service
Thats great, we don't always give back good feedback and we should be eh!
You've reminded me that I was going to send a letter to the staff at the clinic where we took MD after he got concussed, the care he received was fantastic, so tomorrow I shall be getting onto it!

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14 years 3 weeks ago #202041 by PRU2
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Don't put off till tomorrow MM what you can do today.........
Or something like that, now had better go practice what I preach. :D [:I]

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14 years 3 weeks ago #202060 by Louimay
Replied by Louimay on topic Good Service
Actually it is a good idea to sing the praises of companies that give good service so I will take the opportunity to give one of our local companies a thumbs up too.

Murchison Transport. I got a ram picked up and bought up from Canterbury back in January. I rang them on a Thursday and they rang back half an hour later and said he would be picked up and delivered the following day! They arranged picking him up with the owners and picked him up for me and the truck driver rang three times to give me updates on how the trip was going and when he expected to arrive in Nelson. Because we live in the wop wops, my ram was delivered to one of the truck drivers properties and we picked him up from there. He was in a yard with some hay and water and looked great.

And all this great service cost was $15!!

We use them a bit for the cattle and this was the first time I have used them for sheep, we certainly aren't "bigtime" clients and they were great. :) :)

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