First shop bought milk in ages

15 years 6 months ago #12663 by Ghilly
Koru and Athena have been on antibiotics. Koru for a nasty cough and Athena for her sore foot (which is all better now with no obvious reasons for the limping) and also for a cough.
We had a line up of bottles of milk in the fridge which have all gone now and I had to go and BUY milk. I don't know how to put in words how I felt about this. It was a begrudging walk to the milk section at the BP.

I'm busting my buttons waiting for the clearance to start keeping the milk again. It seems criminal to be tipping it out and having to buy processed milk instead. I feel guilty that my girls have produced it and I'm just throwing it away, I feel like I am almost sneaking out of the shelter with it in the hope they don't realise what I'm doing with their milk.

To me, it's like top shelf milk, the real deal, nothing taken out, nothing added, just pure goat ambrosia.
Why oh why can't they come up with a drench and antibiotics that don't have a witholding period!
The antibiotics have a witholding period of 35 DAYS!!!!! Iiieeeeyyy That's like forever! I am so tempted to throw caution to the wind and wait a couple of weeks...... goats have a far faster metabolism than other sheep and cows.... OH BOTHERATION and BLAST IT ALL!!!

At least they have stopped coughing. They HATED the antibiotic. It stings apparently and I got such looks after I'd given it to them. Cricket had a last jab last night and she really suffers with it. She shoots off into the back of the shelter and stands there looking miserable, trying to get away from the sting. Yakut's had a course too and she kept turning in circles to get away from the sting in her neck.

I don't know what sort of nasty bug it was but Koru sounded like an old hand pump when she coughed. All that has stopped thank goodness so now I just have to bide my time.


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15 years 6 months ago #195865 by Prim
Replied by Prim on topic First shop bought milk in ages
I can relate a little ... my local supply of raw organic cow's milk has dried up for the season :( Boo Hoo. Roll on calving.

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