Animal Rescue TV1 ?

16 years 1 month ago #12599 by Ghilly
Animal Rescue TV1 ? was created by Ghilly
I raced in from mixing grain to watch Animal Rescue and 10 minutes after 8pm, it finally started. It was all over by 8:30, including ad breaks. I feel shortchanged!

The grain was mixed in time to come inside but while I was busy mixing it, Phoebe, DARLING Phoebe! had scaled up to the highest heights and tried to climb into a big box. I heard her scratching around and turned in time to see her hanging by her front claws on the edge of the box and the box itself starting to fall. I now have to climb over everything to pick up the contents.
It was full of big balls of carpet wool (that may come in handy one day:rolleyes:)
and they have all fallen out and rolled about to gods know where along with whatever else I'd stashed away for a rainy day.

It wouldn't be so bad if the garage was 'sorted' but it's not. It's a major expedition just to get from the door to the bench, delving into the interior is a mission of co ordination and dexterity.

It's one of those jobs I have been meaning to get around to, maybe on a rainy day but I haven't. A rainy day wouldn't be at all helpful cos I need to put stuff outside to make room to sort things out.

Bloody nosy cats! Don't get me wrong, Phoebe is just gorgeous and we love her to bits but she certainly wasn't my friend for a few minutes.
Cheers Phebes!

Last night I found Tonks literally climbing the wall in the kitchen. She was hosting a wild hair up her bum I think and was racing about like a rat on speed. (Not that I've seen a rat on speed)



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16 years 1 month ago #194914 by DiDi
Replied by DiDi on topic Animal Rescue TV1 ?
Yakut - the program was damn sad this evening - just as it always is. On the other hand - I burst out laughing reading your story so thanks. Remember - there are things in the world called SKIP BINS and filling one is the BEST feeling in the world. Get on with it! Grin.

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16 years 1 month ago #194921 by spoook
Replied by spoook on topic Animal Rescue TV1 ?
We watched it too. It was the one with our friend's cattle that we ended up caring for. I have kicked his ass more than once for not coming to us sooner for grazing. [B)] It was the sheep that were the issue. We gave him a round of balage to feed them all and then moved them here for a few months before they were sold.
Man, that bull did some serious damage here. He was so strong he would tip over a full cast iron bath of water and dislodged the corner stays in the fenceline. Had to go the sales without one tag in his ear, could not hold him in the bale to get it in, his neck was so wide his head slipped out of the bale. [:0]

There are no bad questions only those that are not asked.
"You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed"

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16 years 1 month ago #194926 by sundaysbest
Replied by sundaysbest on topic Animal Rescue TV1 ?
You mean Animal House on TV1 yes? Tonight episode was a bit average - the last season was better... I took always rush home / in to see it.
Yeah, it did start late and yeah, it's certainly not long enough!!


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16 years 1 month ago #194933 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Animal Rescue TV1 ?
Skip Bins? Skip Bins? They're the things you put stuff in and send away only to find you need half the stuff you sent away shortly after it went? Mmmm
Yes, I've heard of them...... Things would be a lot better organised if a) the garage was more rodent proof, b) it didn't leak like a sieve, c) the shed tacked onto the side of it had been tacked on a little better d) IT didn't leak like a bottomless bucket, e) it wasn't so damned creepy in there f) there weren't so many creepy crawlies, g) we had the resources and skill to fix the thing up a bit and h)...... I know I had an h........ Oh yeah, if I could get my act together..... shall we say, I'm still working on the script?
Oooooo and i) If Phoebe didn't keep sleeping on boxes and squashing them flat, squeezing behind boxes on the few shelves we have and knocking things off.

Excuses I hear you say? Maybe.... but they are MY excuses and I claim them in the name of reasons!

The episode was sad, especially those puppies. At least there was a happy outcome for one of them. Actually.... now I come to think of it, did the episode start with where the puppies came from? I can't remember. I was making a cup of tea at one point but I don't recall the beginning of that story...... or did they just cut into the programme like they do when TV1 goes to BBC?

With the bloke and his cattle and sheep, amazing how the story comes across when told by the writers/editors of a programme.
The bloke was saying how he'd hand reared that bull and how he was probably the only person in the district who halter trained and took his calf for a walk. ("He has his own little halter?") He missed out the bit about his ability to cause so much damage now he's all grown up. I take it the bull isn't able to be halter led then :rolleyes:?

I'm off out to the garage to catch balls of wool and find out what else is lying around thanks to Phoebe.
She's had a recurance of the rodent ulcer she gets around her mouth and is on medication. She's only been on it for about a week and already she's looking very bulky as a side effect. In spite of the fact she hasn't been given any extra food, she's certainly become a lot heavier. Which is probably why she thought the box would stay put and not fall over as it did.
She's also on medication that will change her mood, I think it's the immune booster pill. She's usually very very sweet and never uses her claws on us, even when getting a pill. She has big white puffball feet so I gave her an Indian name, 'Feet Like Cloud'. Last night she parked herself on my lap and when I cuddled her, she growled!!!! Our Phebes getting all staunch?!!!!
She had a really mean look in her eye, just for a moment, then she went back to her old look of sweetly startled. Like she's just sat on something cold but not totally unpleasant.

Ho hum.


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16 years 1 month ago #194964 by maggies mum
Replied by maggies mum on topic Animal Rescue TV1 ?
Yakut! Be strong! What you haven't seen for a year or more or you have no idea what's in that box, then chuck it! You don't know what or where it is so you won't miss it! ;)

I'm having a chuck out week! It's very cleansing!

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