MM Type pigs seen at Kapiti Flying South,,,,

16 years 1 month ago #191154 by gaalburn
Grand Republic HQ. 2200 hrs 26 April 2009.

( We in the sth are ahead of our time[;)] )

One of the crew from the Flying Pig Sortie that was captured due to
lack of 'fuel'. Capt Gruff Nubie said Flt Lt. Kuni Chop was a pleasent
enough chap and he had expressed a interest in defecting to join
with the SI forces.

All the everons of the Grand Republic agree that there should not be
any exchange of beverage, The likes of Southern Comfort which
could possibly be consumed with 'Jaffa' cake. Though a unlikely

It has been decided by the Grand Republic Council in an emergency
meeting conveined that included all the rep's of the Rams and Ewes
some delegates from the Bovine Syndicates and Infamous Goat Goriller
Capt Roary Boar. and his underling Gollum Boer. It was a sign of the
times that the NI'rs were extreamly keen to obtain wine and other
beverages. So as a gesture of good will.[^]
An exchange of Flt Lt Kuni Chop may be undertaken in return for
Some Pastoral concessions at some time in the future.[}:)]

Below is a current photo of Flt Lt Kuni Chop.

Photo Location Nth lat 45 south. time 0647 hrs. Stealth Crew:
Capt Gruff Nubie. of the Grand Republic Stealth Security Division.
Goat Air Serveliance.[;)]

The Grand Republic urges all the SI Loyalist to report to the venue
code named "The Pub" and exercise restraint to allow the MM faction
to see the error of their ways.



'Too much of a good thing may be wonderful.'

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16 years 1 month ago #191173 by Dream Weaver
I haven't laughed like this for so long. Last time I saw Henry he was out on the top platform of his playground with the others, but He had his nose pointed to the sky......He was intently looking for more flying pigs................

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