Internet/electric fence problem

16 years 3 weeks ago #191985 by GrantK

Louimay;164390 wrote: ...I am wondering does the short have to be on the fence that runs parallel/close to the phone line or can it be anywhere on their entire farm?

It would need to be quite close to the phone line i.e. by the side of the road in order to have any effect.

Louimay;164390 wrote: I am going to get brave soon and ring him and try and politely ask him if he would mind turning his fence off for a minute just to see if it is his (in theory the clicking should stop on my phone if it is his fence causing it?).

That is an excellent idea or else you could be in for a wild-goose chase [:(!]

Louimay;164390 wrote: I can't stand this internet connection any more. I don't mind too much it being slow but being tossed off every 5 minutes is fustrating!!

Deep down you know that you will have to go wireless one day don't you... :p

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16 years 3 weeks ago #192019 by powerguy
I had a similar problem not too long ago but it was of my own making. The farm truck slid on one of the tracks and came to rest against the fence. It started arcing onto one of the tyres but because of the slippery track I was unable to do anything for several months. This was about 50m away from our phone line which goes down the drive. I was wondering whose bl**dy fence was causing grief on my internet until I finally got the truck moved and the problem disappeared! It can be some distance.

Try going there at night and seeing if you can spot the flash from the arc. It is acting like a spark gap transmitter so the effects can be "felt" for some distance.

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