Kennels is this odd to you?

14 years 3 months ago #189412 by beedee
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many thousands of years ago when we had a dog, they only had visits to the inside of the kennels at certain times cos it set the dogs off barking and they didnt want the neighbours to complain.. they had been there when it was all farmland around but slowly been built around. it was well advertised that this was the case, so if you had wanted to check the place it was to be in that time.. and they also did the same at pick up, the dogs going home that day all came out say 10 am after exercise time for afternoon pick up into a smaller area so the bunch behind didnt get upset..
my idiot [GS] was doted on by the owner so lived in their house most of the time, and came home soppier than ever.. .
bUT when you pick up the pooch ask when IF you were to use their facilities again could you view the kennel set up for peace of mind

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14 years 3 months ago #189437 by Finn McCool
When we lived in Perth and we were in the process of returning home to NZ I arranged with a pet transport company to bring my cat Rugby back. They picked him up from us and took them to a cattery/kennels by the airport that hold them at and get them all ready for the flight, from memory it was for a couple of days. We went to visit him just before we left (he flew the next day) and I was horrified to find him in an outside run, aviary size, right smack in the middle of 2 dogs!! they were only seperated by the wire and on one side was a rotti and the other some snappy terrier thing, my poor cat was huddled inside the little sleeping box thing they had for him.

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14 years 3 months ago #189485 by ccrk9
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Jan, have a nice time and try not to worry. I'm sure your dog will be fine.

If you put the dog in the kennels with high tin fences just out of Masterton with the name that starts with L (not sure if I am allowed to name them here), I thought the place had sold recently but DH says they were advertising for new staff - so may be its under new ownership or you got a new staff member who needs a reminder about customer service.

I can understand them not wanting you in if a bunch of dogs were running loose (although I hope the dogs were under someones supervision) but you should have been allowed to settle your dog.

Rule number 1 for people when looking for a boarding place (for cat or dog) is go and have a look and if you dont like what you see, dont use it - yes I know there are bugger all choices in the Wairarapa. The number 1 rule for owners of kennels/catteries is always cater to the customer as long as its not going to be health and saftey issue, after all most people regard their animals as family.

I can see no reason why from an OSH view why you couldnt go in. They could have got you to wait while they popped all the dogs back in their kennels. And I doubt disease is an issue at present unless there has been an outbreak that I havent heard of. I know of one kennel in Wellington that has suddenly started to stop owners going in with their dogs and its rather odd.

Have a nice time - dont worry, and let us know how your dog goes.

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