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16 years 5 months ago #1153 by oskatd
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I am wondering if other people with children use the internet to access educational resources. My little man is starting to write and I want to print out some stuff he can trace, but there are also good games for letter recognition on the net. The BBC seems excellent, are there other sites that people use?


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16 years 5 months ago #55914 by Kiwismum
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Hi Oskatd,

There is actually a ton of stuff that is either free or a minimal cost for a year.

I have not kept most of the links as we are past the beginning stage, but we used
a lot. They have a reduced version for free, or you can pay $20us for a years unlimited access. They cover many things, and are particularly good for the younger kids.
Also although we never used it, I believe

Had this one bookmarked as well

Let me know if you need anything else and I will try to hunt out some more for you.
is very popular, and many people like it.

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16 years 5 months ago #55915 by maggies mum
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Make him some tracing cards yourself. He could trace just about anything really, pictures in colouring books etc. Just make sure he's holding his pencil correctly first, make his thumb and the first 2 fingers like a duck beak, go quack quack if yer like! ;) then get the ducks beak to hold the pencil. Fat pencils or crayons are better to start with, they can grip better.
When tracing lettering always use lower case.

oops got a visitor I'll be back!

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