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Thank you Grant, I shall be ringing them on Monday.

Beedee, I think your $1,200 dentist must be the brother to ours :p


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16 years 5 months ago #55209 by beedee
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I dont think he would want me back either.... as I had to fill out a medical history form, and didnt read the instructions... so it looked to him anyway... that I had diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, epilepsy,bleeding problems etc etc... and on every medication possible.. seems I Xed instead of ticking the opposite column:D:D[:I] AND they played childrens DVDs on the ceiling screen while he buzzed away... ggggrrrrr screaming cartoons not what I consider calming if I was upset... [V]

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16 years 5 months ago #55212 by spoook
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Some time ago I chipped a tooth. Over $1,000 later, tooth drilled to a tiny peg, a crown was glued in place.
6 years later the crown split and came away
Back to a more amiable dentist, $1,200 later I have a new one but this one has a stainless insert that the crown is based on.
Like you Yakut, I only have one side to chew on so this puts pressure on the artificial tooth.

Plus I clamp / grind my teeth, which over the years has ground them down to a nice flat chewing surface. For some reason the dentist thinks this is not good. Can't understand why [;) I have just got them to how I like them :p
Have yet to find out how to stop it, "bruxism" I believe. My thoughts are..... if everything went my way my teeth would last me longer.[}:)]

For the money I have spent on this one tooth, I could have a whole mouth of false ones with no more dental drilling. Better go fertilise the money tree again.

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16 years 4 months ago #56728 by Sue
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Just read this thread with interest!
My daughter is a Dentist, she mainly works in the hospital situation doing G.A.s on children, but has worked for a private practice as well and still does locum private work. No we don't get our dental work for free either-but we do have medical insurance so that helps!

She trained in Dunedin 1995-1999 and in those last 3 years of training the tuition fees were $20,000 per year. We managed to keep up for the first 2 years and for her living and travelling expenses, but she ended up taking out a student loan and with interest, came out owing nearly $80,000. Her first working years were stressful in more ways than one owing so much money. She worked for a dental practice and earned a %age of the treatment costs she did-even that was stressful as if they didn't pay, then she got nothing!
Some patients were really thoughtless in their remarks and often asked if she was the dental nurse and where was the Dentist. They'd ring her at home and reduce her to tears-she is much tougher these days!

The dental students and Otago University took the Government to task and sued them for over charging dental students, when medical students were subsidised plus the fact the dental students earned money by treating patients for the Dental School in their final couple of years. The Students and Uni. won and she got paid back $30,000 which was much to everyones relief. She is now married, has a 2 year old son and is working about 3 days a week. She wants to complete a Masters in Community Dentistry, but the final year costs over $20,000 in fees and she is not prepared to commit to a loan again after paying off the last one.

Not that I am defending the horrendous costs but some do seem to charge far more than others. She would dearly love to set up her own practice, but costs are huge-$250k to set up one chair with equipment she tell me.
She says I need crowns to preserve my crumbling, amalgam filled molars and could do them for $900, which would only be the Lab costs,medical insurance doesn't cover that much, so I'm putting that off!

She has a real delicate touch when it comes to injections too. I used to say I'd rather have a baby than go to the dentist, and didn't go for at least 9 years, but she has restored my faith in dentists-which is quite a feat when I remember what an "oops" child she was!

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16 years 4 months ago #56821 by phill-k
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quote:Originally posted by witheze

I go to a lovely [painfree] guy in Maunu Rd, and the charge is never more than $100 a filling, no charge if a recent one breaks or needs replacing. His name is Marcus and I've finally stopped dreading dentist visits. [8D][8D]

Sounds like a contact I need Witheze, can you post his details please

Phill & Sheryl

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16 years 4 months ago #56860 by witheze
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Sure, Marcus is the one I recommend at Dental Services 4389897,..... 67 Maunu Rd.

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