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Hi Hertz,

I think, once I learn to drive the beast, that the tractor will be a much used purchase, at least initially with things that need doing. I think that the ability to lift heavy items will be a Godsend too. I have an 8x4 cage trailer that gets a lot of use, and has been lately bringing plants and items from home to a lock up in Pahiatua, and will no doubt get use on the section as well. 

I had a 79 Pontiac Firebird. Was in the process of bastardising it by putting on the much nicer 72 nose, and the twin scoop Formula bonnet. It had not long been off the rotisserie, and all new suspension fitted. I was at the stage of bodywork and then replacing the interior, then repowering it. I'd had it almost 20 years, and had only ever put $50 of petrol in it, so I think it had less mileage put on by me that your S2000 by you! Seeing the price of petrol now, I don't think I'd have been driving it around much anyway.

I have only ever done one job where the trusses were replaced (more for an extension) but have built a lot of houses that obviously had new trusses going on. There is not too much to putting them up. I have reroofed a few houses, including ones changed from tiles to long run. The edge protection needed nowadays ramps up the price. Roofing companies are amongst the worst places I know of for expensive quotes too. I can't see how they can justify a lot of it...

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