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Good morning all ,my name is Dave and I have just joined LSB .I have 4.3 hectare property .
I work in the waste water industry.
I have three mini Hereford cows a lowline bull and a Dexter cow.
I at one stage had bought 10 dexter cows that came from a hill country farm with horns and im sure had never seen a human being other than the owner. They were dangerous animals and i have learned a valuable lesson . I was charged and chased out of the paddock on more than one occasion so buyer beware..
My lowline bull is an absolute dream to look after. I never trust any bull but the low line is the easiest animal i have ever looked after.
Am going into All lowlines in the very near future .

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Good morning and welcome the the LSB. Your story reminds me of a line that a previous poster used to use. Something along the lines of Don't cross the paddock unless you can do it in 9 seconds, as my bull can do it in 10!
Many of us have had similar experiences. One of our first pedigree Herefords came from Gisborne and the stock agent that bought on our behalf was given explicit instructions that they must be quiet. One of them wasn't. she put my father out of the paddock and up a tree and the neighbour off his tractor on several occasions. You could do anything with her from the back of a horse however and she produced some very good calves.
The size of your block sounds a good lifestyle size to look after. I look forward to hearing more about what you are doing with it.

Did you know, that what you thought I said, was not what I meant :S
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