Starting with Ducks and Alapacas...

3 years 6 months ago #553678 by mastersblock
Hey People.

We moved to a small LSB a couple of months ago in South Auckland and have so far obtained four Muscovy drakes (we have a pond), and just recently three male Alpacas - just for 'pets' (we do realise we can't breed with three males haha!). We've been busy repairing and adding fencing (amongst the usual decision making about what our future holds!), and now that the Alpacas are with us, we are thinking about adding a shelter for them, since they are in the paddock that doesn't have a shelter already.

My main question that you are all welcome to pass your wisdom on, is around this shelter. We are planning a simple, open-sided structure with 1.5m to 1.8m high post and rail fencing, about 2.5m wide and 8m long, with a roof that we can use to collect rainwater that can be supplied to a water trough, and high gates at the ends and another one in the middle, so the vet, when she visits, can have a smaller pen to use. Any downsides to this?


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