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3 years 8 months ago #553151 by conwaylife
Hi there...we are on a 5 hectare lifestyle coastal block south of Kaikoura. Nice vistas of ocean, rolling farm hills and snowcap mountains.

Currently leasing land to neighbour who runs horses and lots of manure for the vege garden and home brews of liquid shite for the plants and trees.
The famous nor-wester takes its toll in summer so needs lots of mulch.
We think the coastal weather is getting more violent sometimes,...very high winds and more frequently. Has anyone else experienced this?

We are also working on a new animal repellent targetting deer, rabbits, hares and possums, etc...after suffering years of ring-barked and nipped off seedlings and trees. I will post more!

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3 years 8 months ago #553154 by tonybaker
welcome to the forum, plenty of advice on here!
Rule no.1 when planting trees is use treeguards or even stapled cardboard. A good trick for watering young trees is to use 20 litre drums with a small hole drilled in the bottom. It makes sure you give enough water and it penetrates deep down. You can also throw in a bit of fertiliser for a liquid feed.
We have heaps of rabbits top of the south so we even have to protect our veges with stapled polythene sleeves and bamboo canes. Rabbits seem to come in waves which throws you off guard.
Lately the lambs have been "necking" under the fence and grabbing whatever is in reach. May need a hot wire or some lamb netting.

5 acres, Ferguson 35X and implements, Hanmay pto shredder, BMW Z3, Countax ride on mower, chooks, Dorper and Wiltshire sheep. Bosky wood burning central heating stove and radiators. Retro caravan. Growing our own food and preserving it. Small vineyard, crap wine. :)

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