Greetings from South Waikato: )

2 years 4 months ago #550023 by Julie_Smith
Hi all. Have 3 acres in South Waikato.

Have had two miniature geldings for about 8 years, Gem (chestnut red/white pinto) & Jet (Solid black from the South Island Samis line).

Have two rescue goats, Heidi & Gretel for blackberry control.

Recently added some sheep... four Chocolate Perendale ewe lambs, a Dorper ewe lamb (she was with the Perendales & even though I didn't want a Dorper we took her too so she wasn't left behind by herself... Then we went to pick up a gorgeous, handsome polled Pitt Island ram & came home with three extra Pitt Island Ewe lambs & an old, Pitt ewe who'd had a broken leg at some stage who hobbled around on three legs... lol.

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