In the Far north!

4 years 6 months ago #549314 by PennyJ
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I only have a small block (3acres) but great soil, I have a big garden and with eggs and home kill lamb I'm finding most of my meals have a home grown element t them and sometimes the whole meal if home grown.

Finding it hard to get help or advice up here, every piece of information has to be dragged out. I like my block but it's hard going, my neighbours cut my stock water off two weeks after I moved in and it seems to have been a 'gentleman's agreement; too costly to try and get it sorted so everything is on tank water.

Lots of Bunnies causing me some grief, I have procured an air rifle but I'm not a good shot, not used guns before. My Dog will chase but of course Bunnies can easily get under a fence he can't.

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4 years 6 months ago #549331 by Ronney
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Penny, exactly where are you? In another post you mentioned north of Whangarei but for those of us who really do live in the Far North, north of Whangarei is not the Hokianga or north of the Mangamukas. So how about giving me some idea of your location and we can work from there.

Bunnies are in plentiful supply this summer so you're not on your own. But keep on trying because they make excellent eating. People don't always appreciate the food source that is right under their nose.

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