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Hi we have recently moved onto a 4 1/2 acre block just out of Gisborne and water is a major problem already. We have a couple of springs on the place and I'm trying to find out how to utilise the water. Someone suggested digging a hole and putting in a well liner. I assume from that you store/pump it? Can anyone direct me to more in-depth help please?

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Before you start get the water tested for iron, copper, aluminium and other minerals that might be present. With us, cadmium is present in some places in the hills around us.
We have two types of seepages on our property. The easiest to tap is where the water seeps out beteen cracks in the rock. With these, after they have been checked that they will run in the driest weather, a channel is made to a little hole dug in the ground downhill which is lines with something to catch the grit and mud. Half a 20 litre drum works moderately well, and this has to be covered, and cleaned out about 6 monthly. So the water flows into the top of this purifier on one side, and out of the top on the other side. Ours goes into the pipe that leads to the storage tanks. These storage tanks must be lower than the purifier outlet. With our system the pipe goes downhill to where there is a tap at the lowest point, so that a couple of times a year I can flush the dirt out of the pipe.
Tapping seepages out of soil is more difficult in that a much bigger purifier is needed, . With our seepages there is a layer of soil over a layer of grit through which the water flows. So I have to get lower than the grit layer then put little holes in the purifier (20 litre spray bottle with some of the top cut off). The outlet hole for the pipe is as high as possible, which is about water level. The pipe then goes to the storage tanks which are lower than the level of the outlet hole of the purifier. These purifiers need lots more cleaning than with springs coming from out of rock.
Start small. You are not likely to need something as big as a village well, but you will need lots of water tanks. We need 70,000 litres with a household of 4, and use roof collection as well as spring water.
And yes, if your well is big enough you can pump out of it and into the storage tanks, and then out of the storage tanks and into the house.
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A friend suggested digging a hole and putting in a well liner to filter and collect the water, and from there you pipe it into another tank, and from there too pump it. Have you tried this method??

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We run our house on natural spring water. Firstly there is a horizontal plastic pipe that goes into the ground where the spring comes out, this feeds a concrete trough (and overflows). From here we have two methods of moving the water, firstly an emergency pump that lives in a shed near the spring that we can switch on and off that pumps the water to a tank further up the bank.

The second mode is via domeless ram pump. This (apart from when twigs etc get caught) self powers water up the bank to the same holding tank as above 24/7.

This tank has another pump which runs the water to the house and various troughs about the farm.

If we were going to buy another domeless ram pump we would buy www.williamsonrampump.co.nz/ brand. Ours we had made locally and had difficulty in getting it running correctly for some time with no help from the maker.

Well worth doing if you have spring water.
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