Hello from Christchurch!

6 years 3 weeks ago #540641 by Gyro
Hello everyone!
I just bought a property near Christchurch and would want to learn a lot about keeping livestock for homekill and potential income from the land.
Also, I want to meet new lifestyle block owners as well.
Anyone around the Christchurch or Waimakariri district willing to contribute some knowledge would be fantastic!

16 acres - 6x Lowline Angus, 2x Hereford-Friesian Cross, 6x Khaki Campbell Cross and multiplying, 2x Orange Grey Tabbies and thousands of Apis Mellifera bees.

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6 years 3 weeks ago - 6 years 2 weeks ago #540737 by hobbyfarmers
Recently, we visited a small farm that raised goats and kunekunes, on a little island, off of Vancouver Island, in Canada. They made the most delicious, dry smoked, meat sausages. They have a certified butcher doing the killing and smoking of the sausages. They did the research and have come up with their own recipe. They leave their rural enclave every weekend and sell in city outdoor markets. The sausages are selling like hot cakes and they cant make enough of them. We did some consulting work for them and they gave us a few. Easy to use, the sausages can be eaten uncooked and sliced on crackers, or as appetizers on a stick of cheese. The entrepreneural farmerss, sell the sausages as singles! The flavour is exquisite and ideal for health conscious people on ketogenic diets. They are a mixture of goat and pork. The trick is to dry smoke them so that there is no storage issues. Apparently, savy consumers are looking for pasture fed animals with tasty, high fat, content. The farmers are getting a lot of repeat business and I can understand why. Anyways, I read your post - something like this goat/kunekune agrobusiness, with a highend charcuterie product, may be ideal for you. Good luck!
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