Properties for pest control? (Rabbits/Possums)

6 years 3 months ago #538963 by jacobrq
Hello all! I am an airgun hobbyist and I own a .177 and a .22 calibre air rifle. Both are more than capable of taking down a possums and rabbits with a single well-placed shot and good quality hunting pellets. I have been shooting possums and rabbits in Pokeno for a while now with great success on a small farm near the new subdivision there. There have been no noise complaints from the nearby houses as the guns are very quiet (I shoot targets in my own backyard in the city and the neighbours are none the wiser).

Recently, there have been significantly lower numbers of possum in the small patch of bush we hunt in and in addition to my hunting buddy selling and moving out of Pokeno I am in search of new properties to hunt on. I have contacted DOC but they don't allow shooting at night and therefore would only issue me with a trapping permit to get rid of possum on their land. So, after seeing a post on this site about from about 10 years ago with great response I thought I would reach out here and see if anyone would be willing to meet me (without guns) at some stage and let me hunt some rabbits or possums on their land.

My areas of interest would be anywhere north of Pokeno and south of Warkworth and anywhere between the coasts (e.g. Port Waikato thru to Kawakawa Bay too). I usually try to get out at least once or twice a week from about sunset to midnight at the latest and usually on the weekends however happy to work with whatever is easy.

I am not wasteful and possums are always plucked or skinned and sold to a fur trader and rabbits are butchered and used as either food for my dog and the nicer ones I eat myself.

I pride myself on accuracy and can get a grouping within the size of a $2 coin from 25 meters away, which is important when hunting with an air rifle as shot placement is key. Both of my rifles are fitted with a scope and I have a high-powered spotlight for target identification. I have pets (dog, cat and rats) and the area we hunt in Pokeno has a wild cat which the neighbours are quite fond of, so making sure the target is 100% identified is something that I take very seriously. I won't even take a shot at a possum or rabbit unless I know I have a clear shot with no twigs/leaves/branches or anything else in the way that may lead to injuring the animal rather than humanely killing it.

Anyway, I apologise for the long post! If you would be keen to have a chat or meet me at some stage before allowing me to hunt I'm more than happy to come and meet you somewhere.

You can txt or call me on 021 676 876 if you'd like to discuss further. I hope to hear from you soon!

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