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Thanks for the add. :) Just recently moved onto 4.5 acres north of Auckland. Wanting to get a few calves and sheep. Not sure how many and when to best to get them. Looking forward to reading tips and advice from this page. Thanks

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Welcome, MrsP. Your question at the moment is about as easy to answer as "How long is a piece of string?". It all depends on a number of things. You need to think about the type of pasture you have, how much of it and the quality of it. Remember that calves grow into big animals with ever-increasing appetites! Are you able to supplement their feed over winter? Are you planning on raising them for your own freezer, or to on-sell to someone else for finishing? What is your fencing like? Cattle and sheep have different fencing requirements. Have you thought about how your paddocks are set out for pasture management and water reticulation? And do you have yarding facilities for treating the animals and for loading / offloading? There is much to think about.

Always start small. On 4.5 acres (is that usable pasture or does that include the house and gardens?) you could start off with 3 or 4 weaner calves. Now is a good time to get them; winter and spring-born calves from dairy farms are becoming available now as weaners. Go for beef breeds and get an experienced friend to help you choose good healthy animals.

And don't forget to ask questions. The only silly questions are those that don't get asked! This forum is a goldmine of knowledge and experience. Good luck!

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