Hi from a newbie in Taupo

6 years 10 months ago #535379 by Georgia
Hi guys,

I'm Georgia, I moved to Taupo from Auckland at the end of last year with my husband and our dogs.

We have 1.2 acres here and are slowly learning about gardening, with no plans on raising meat animals. I will certainly be asking here for help!


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6 years 9 months ago #535905 by Belle Bosse
Hi Georgia,

Welcome and hope you have a heap of fun on the learning curve you have joined! Look at it as an Adventure of a lifetime!

You are in a rather pretty and interesting part of the world at Taupo. Of great interest to me is the volcanic-geothermal side of things. Fascinating. In 2012 my husband was part of the construction and finishing of the new Te Mihi Geothermal power station that is in operation down there. I went from Auckland to Taupo several times to visit him. He showed me around some of the lovely spots... the lake, the gardens above Taupo township, the geothermally active area to the south of Lake Taupo, the Huka Falls (scary volume, but so impressive for such low height water fall), drove out to the highway nearest where the active volcano was still smoking. I would have loved to have seen the "Craters of the Moon" geothermal area but didn't get there.

I hope you can grow lots of cherries at you new place. I have a Compact Stella cherry tree in our orchard which is supposed to be low chill, but it seems our winters in the Far North are not low chill enough for it; so no cherries...

Oh well, we do get blueberries (Rabbiteye and Southern Highbush types). The Northern Highbush Blueberry "Dixie" is a lovely tasting, larger sized berry that should do well in Taupo.
To start with, the Highbush Blueberry had me confused with the Southern and Northern types until I remembered they are American natives; and it is warmer in the South and cooler in the North... which meant I needed the Southern Highbush for the warmer area in the Far North of NZ. The Rabbiteye Blueberry is happy in either warmer or cooler areas.
This year our Blueberry crop will be reduced as the rooster and hens have eaten all the flowers they can reach... same with the Boysenberries...! I will be glad to see them back in the orchard where they are meant to be keeping the slugs and snails under control. They prefer pear, fig, grape, persimmon leaves and fruit to slugs and snails though... Chickens!!

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