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Hi there. Jane Toy here from Whanganui. My husband Andrew and I have recently moved onto a 2ha block. When we viewed it with our rose colour glasses firmly fastened everything appeared perfect. 6 weeks down the track and 2 poisoned goats later we are in the midst of deconstructing the gardens, hedges, and pastures as the whole property appears to be awash with poisonous plants. In fact pretty much everything I look up seem to be poisonous to livestock - and of course goats seem to have no resilience to ANYTHING! Please someone tell me theres hope! Are goats really as susceptible to poisoning as it appears and if so how come there are goats everywhere you turn in the wild? Do they have some modicum of common sense when it comes to knowing what they shouldn't eat? Our very first 2 goats died from Wintersweet poisoning and it was an experience I never ever want to put any animal through again (let alone myself). So far we have taken 5 very overloaded trailers of plants away ranging from daphne to kowhai to lilies to hellebores...the lists pretty astounding. Any advice gladly accepted. Thanks

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Welcome to the LSB Jane. I am sorry you have had such a bad start to your Lifestyle adventure.
There are some good articles and advice on these pages re goat poisoning, have a look at these as they may be helpful for the future.

Scroll to the bottom of Harry Potter's post. It has a good standby recipe for Rhododendron, which is also effective for other poisonings.

Poisonous plants

Article by Dr. Marjorie Orr, Vet on these pages

Before you destroy your whole garden, make sure that the goats do not have access to it, or any place exotic or native plantings, without some research

Did you know, that what you thought I said, was not what I meant :S
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