Piggy-Puff needs a new home

6 years 9 months ago #532376 by Indweller
Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help. We adopted Piggy-Puff four and a half years ago to roam free and to keep company with the other animals around our house block. She’s a kune kune and we were told they don’t dig but we’ve found she’s crossed with a captain cook. This normally isn't a problem in the summer months because the soil is too dry for her to dig so we let her into the house paddock where we can see and hear her and where we can visit with her all the time. In the house paddock she has lots of company, both animal and human.

But for most of the year we now keep her in a fenced gully because she digs and digs...and digs. In the gully she can dig as much as she wants but the disadvantage is that she’s alone most of the time (we would have gotten her another pig friend but the digging put us off.) We’ve tried ringing her so she could stay in the house paddock but she is sooooo determined that she’s actually dug the rings out of her nose!

I visit the gully once a day in winter to feed her but it's not a great environment because it’s mucky​​, with not much sun and we can’t keep any other animals with her because she destroys their feed with all her digging. Our most recent issue now is that our local rural council has made a bylaw that no animals can be near waterways.

She has a lovely character and she sits and stays for about five seconds before she eats. She has the most delightful grunts. When she used to be in the house paddock she’d softly mutter to us and chat away as she walked along the fence.

The digging, and knowing how isolated she is because of it, makes us think she’d be better off in a dryer environment or in an environment where she’s free to dig and where she has company. ​

​We’re happy to pay to transport her anywhere. We’d just like to know that she’s going to be taken care of.

Please get in touch if you know how I might be able to find her a good home.


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6 years 9 months ago #532379 by Indweller
By the way, Piggy-Puff lives in Southland so if you or if someone you know who lives nearby and has a space for Piggy-Puff please get in touch.

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6 years 9 months ago #532441 by Ronney
Replied by Ronney on topic Piggy-Puff needs a new home
Would you like to tell me how she was rung? You shouldn't have to get rid of her because of her digging but how she was rung will have a big impact on her digging. Perhaps I can give you some pointers on ringing that will allow you to keep her.


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6 years 9 months ago #532442 by Indweller
Thanks for your response, Ronnie. She never dug when she was a piglet and then suddenly she 'found digging' and she digs religiously. We actually had a vet come to our farm twice to put her under sedation to ring her, first through the middle of the nostrils and she dug it out, then next time through the sides of each nostril as well. She's dug them out both times. She 's incredibly persistent and she just loves digging. She's really efficient, too. She could de-turf a lawn in no time.

She loves belly rubs and human company and she grunts and natters away and if we lived in a place like Central Otago we'd happily keep her because she can't/doesn't dig dry earth. We live in quite a damp climate with loamy soil.

Any advice would be helpful, thanks.

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