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7 years 2 weeks ago #532320 by contentkiwi
Hello, my partner and I have recently purchased a lttle block in Gisborne. It has not been looked after, covered in every noxious plant, weed and vine we have in nz. It is a wee hill, so we have north and south slope. I am wanting to clear and regen with natives. I have found a good priced source for plants but need help with the following:
1.We have 3 large trees that need felling in a confined space before I can plant, I have called 4 businesses and none have come back after 4 weeks. These trees are covered in ivy and dying, being over 20m they are a danger to us and nearby houses.
2. We also need alot of clean fill to get some levels and slopes more manageable.
3. As far as landscaping and creating the house gardens, well help me please. The house is a 1900s grand villa.
The gardens have been bulldozed flat due to being a rental in the past.
Any help with cheap solutions would be great. (We are pensioners)

I am a graphic designer, sign maker and create websites. Yes I can do it all. But need help and direction.

Looking forward to your replies.

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7 years 2 weeks ago #532324 by Rokker
Replied by Rokker on topic struggling with weeds
Welcome to the Forum!

There was an outfit in the Gisborne area called Roberts Tree Services - not sure if they are still around or if you've tried them.

We scored some clean fill from a neighbour who had dug new drains on his farm and wanted rid of the clay. You might be able to do similar, or check with your Local Council's roading people - they sometimes have fill available from nearby jobs that needs dumping.

So, what are your ideas for the house gardens?

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7 years 2 weeks ago #532338 by contentkiwi
Replied by contentkiwi on topic struggling with garden
Thank you for your reply. I have tried roberts. I will contact road ckntracters.
Re gardens... I would like to create a tropical lush area by the road and entrance. A formal style vege garden with several raised beds, and pathways to reduce grass area on eastern side out from front door and kitchen. I am on the look out for railway sleepers and old fence posts for the beds. A mix of rustic and formal.

The other side of the house... well I am looking for ideas. I am putting in a low retaining wall to help level the hilltop area and then plant shrubs to hide the rooftops of houses below us. The remainder of the hill slopes I am wanting to plant natives, but I do wonder if the expense is worth it? Can I get a reduction in rates maybe? We are doing well in clearing the northern side, so I am thinking of getting some plants in very soon so they take for spring. We dont need any fill on this side. I am about to try to germinate some flax seed (how I found this site).

Ps. I have had a sign on my fence for fill fow a few weeks also, but as we are on the outskirts of town it is not working.

I must go and find a job to fjnd my trees...

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