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Hi I am Dee, I live in country Victoria in Australia....have 61 acre farm, I have 6 Arabian Horses,5 maresall getting on in yrs and a stallion16yrs old now....5 Miniature ponies, 2 are mares, 2 geldings and 1 stallion, also getting on in yrs..13 chickens and 1 rooster , 4 geese,(over 10yrs) 4 pet sheep, 2 livestock guardian dogs ( Russian Ovchaka) and 5 cats, 2 kittens, 3 are from 5yr to 15yrs) so a bit on a menagerie these days, I get rescues from the ranger, they always seem to end up staying here..recently give a 5mnth old lamb, she was born blind, farmer didnt want the bother as he runs a big shes here to stay,,shes got used to my voice no, and I have her in with another old ewe and a friends almost blind old ewe..Im givein them pellets every day, was wondering if the young one should also get any kind of supplement feed while she is growing??? any help about feed will be appreciated for the lamb..cheers and thanks Dee

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Hi Dee, welcome to the LSB. I can't advise on lambs, but some supplements should be good for her future training.
Your block sounds just right for all your critters to retire on.
Are you away from fire zones where all can be safe, and hope you aren't thinking of retiring yourself , but then all the work associated with the care of animals can keep you young and fit.
Love to hear more from you as you go along.

Did you know, that what you thought I said, was not what I meant :S
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