Hi guys looking for barrels

7 years 5 days ago #530651 by FitzGzus
Hi guys i just joined so i could ask if anyone knows someone with some 200l plastic barrels or some IBC.s?
I dont have a lifestyle block (yet) but i frequent this site while looking for information now an then ☺ have no money to pay for them but i could pick them up and mayby even work for them as a trade? I just want to put some fish and plants in them something to keep my baby girl occupied .ok and me too haha. pref close to hamilton
Thanks for the help guys!

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7 years 5 days ago #530654 by spark
Replied by spark on topic Hi guys looking for barrels
Hi FitzGzus,

I can't help you with a supply of 200L drums or IBCs, but I strongly suggest that you read the label (what used to be in the drum/IBC) before you accept it and take it home.

Some of the stuff supplied in drums or IBCs is relatively benign (eg food ingredients), but some other fillings can be quite toxic to fish (and other life, including humans!) even when diluted...

If there isn't a label on the vessel (and you don't otherwise know what was in it), I would be strongly included to turn it down.


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7 years 2 days ago #530720 by Belle Bosse
You will find them on Trade Me for somewhere around the $20 each mark... give or take a little... its been a few years since we bought over 100 to save our newly planted orchard trees from rabbit and hare services. We cut each in half and removed tops and bottoms to fit over the young trees.
The blue ones that have had food supplements in them. Make sure the ones you get are non-toxic.

Have you considered HOW you will get/ cut the top off?
Or are you looking for the barrels with the lever closing band that joins the lid to the barrel?

For safety sake... make sure your barrel is child secure... so they cant fall into it or, pull it over on top of themselves!

An idea that comes to mind... check the "free-bee" section of Trade me or local paper for unwanted aquariums, or visit your local opshop or recycling centre.
I say recycling centre because about two weeks ago when I dropped my recycling and garbage off at the recycling depot, there was an upright octagonal aquarium tank that looked fine (from a distance), on a not so great looking stand, waiting for a second chance of service... sorry but its in the Far North.
I used to keep tropical aquariums fully planted with live plants and also cold water ones. They do cost a bit to keep running.

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7 years 1 day ago #530754 by FitzGzus
I intend on using them to create an aquaponics type setup for fish and veges☺ seems nobody is doing this here in nz bar 1 fella in auckland hes on youtube cant remeber exactly.basically i want to try build a setup using recycled materials so just in case its not very good here i havnt tipped money down the drain. If anyone is interested in a large scale serup id be keen to join in

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