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6 years 7 months ago - 6 years 7 months ago #515749 by Becka

We are looking to purchase 5acres of bare land in Kaukapakapa. We are looking to have some animals but are unsure of where to start other than chooks.
Our kids are hoping for a dog as we promised them if we ever moved the country we would get one, But after reading some of the guides i am worried about the liability of owning a dog in the country as we would be surrounded by large farms. What breed should we look at if we should get one at all.
We would look at building a small barn, but have noticed that sheds seem to be farmers most wanted/desired..lusted after item. How many of these do i realistically need?
We like the idea of sheep or goats,as cows seem to need a lot of land and lot of knowledge to get started. What is the best way to start with animals?
thank you for any information at all.

sorry posted twice cause i don't read instructions properly!!!
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6 years 6 months ago #516542 by Steve_T647
OK where to start, SLOW DOWN :ohmy: and think watch and learn the property. How many animals can be on it? How fast does grass grow? Does it dry off? Is there irrigation? How much feed do I want to buy in? Grow Shelter trees or build shelters?

Build the residence and get the dog (you have to really), a neighbour will happily supply cattle or sheep, fencing tape, time etc to allow his dozen cattle or sheep for free through the long grass to keep it under control while you learn otherwise get a ride on lawnmower or tractor to cut the grass or even make hay and sell it.

1) Dog's well any breed can be trained and live rurally but the best bet is to look for something with the right instincts and matches the family.
I would start with a Lab but watch for grass seeds in his paws! this site gives a good idea www.optimumpet.com.au/dog-advice/dog-selector/

2) Sheds, umm I have a Pump shed, Power Shed, Double garage, 3 bay barn, 2 horse stables... What do you need the sheds for? if you are storing feed for winter how much? if you need a workshop how high? Vehicle storage? How much space do you have for it? I would say build one you can add to A pole shed is great but you will always fill floor space first. I suggest go with a three bay shed but allow space to grow it another bay or lean to off it.

3) Sheep, Goats, Cattle... All have good and bad points look at what is in your area and what fencing they have find something that suits your fencing, water troughs, plants and plans for holidays etc. You could just grow hay to sell until you decide.

Up the top there is a "Lifestyle File" a great place to start, there was also a book that FMG and Lifestyle block produced that is a good start.

Good Luck and this is just my 2c so when rounded it is worth nothing :lol:

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6 years 5 months ago #517389 by Silver Hill Stud
Hi Becka
I remember what it was like when we started - a million questions everyone just seemed to think the answers were so obvious too, but they weren't.
I have had several dogs over my lifetime of living on farms and town and lifestyle blocks. They are a huge commitment but the best companions ever. Don;t deny your kids this opportunity.
Previously I have had working dog breeds. These are active intelligent animals that I have worked. This requires a lot of time on your part that you may not have while establishing a new block, and their help is not really needed on a lifestyle block. In working dogs I am talking about the Blue Heelers, collies, Alsatians, sheep dogs, hounds, Labradors even etc. These are the sorts of dogs that just get bored on a lifestyle block and can cause trouble if not properly trained and stimulated and exercised. I am currently living on a lifestyle block and have two Dobermans. I got two as we go away often on weekends and I wanted them to have the companionship of each other. Dobermans are totally a guard dog and have no instinct to chase animals. Add Rottweilers, dachshunds, staffies etc to the class. I have had to teach mine to look for possums and when I am handling stock they are a pain - if they could possibly stand in the wrong place at the wrong time they will!! However they are great around the chickens and any babies and I do not have to worry about them hassling the stock.
The Terrier breeds might be a choice worth considering for you. They are active, great with kids, small enough to throw in the car if you are going to the beach and can be useful in catching rabbits, possums and rats - all pests that can be hard to control on a small block.
Feel free to ask any questions. I realise there are a lot of people with these sorts of questions when they start out so I offer courses - Learn to Live Sustainably - in the hopes I can help.

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6 years 5 months ago #517429 by pilotstudent
If you have a possum problem, I can solve it for you, I'm within an hours drive and I'm always looking for new blocks to shoot possums on

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