hi im a voluteer

8 years 7 months ago #511792 by youngalistai
so im new not really sure this is the right place but came here after typing in about helpx forums and there had been a discussion about a year ago on volunteer web sites and why you have to pay and peoples grumbles to and for hosting volunteers or volunteering in different countries. ive done a bit of volunteering and it either suits you or not and the only way to find out is to try out as a volunteer. I think some people meet like minded hosts and they all gel and have a great experience others find that its working for a business for free its supposed to be a "shared experience" but due to human relationships it may or may not work out. Another thing people should watch out for is entering a foreign country now in most western countries volunteering is a no no the last thing you want to say at immigration is your "volunteering". But after saying all that i do find it an interesting experience living with a family as opposed to living in a backpacker hostel and being with other tourists if your older like me volunteering is far more preferable. I do have my reservations about a lot of hosts i have worked for and in my case i was on my own most of the time so it can get lonely with just your host to converse with but at the end of the day its a good way of really getting to know the inside of the country rather than looking at tourist sites and hanging out with other tourists. thank you

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