Transition from city to country life!

9 years 1 month ago #39543 by jimmyandliz
Hi, we are family of 6 wanting to move out of town to give our children some more space to grow or more specifically our boys some room to be boys!
We are not completely naive as my husband grew up in the country and is very capable. I, on the other hand am well aware it's me that will be more isolated being a stay at home Mama so am trying to get a realistic idea of what family life in the country will be like. I have enjoyed reading many of your forums and am interested in any thoughts or advice people could give me who have made this transition.

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9 years 1 month ago #505858 by Ruth
Hi Liz (I presume?), where are you based now and where are you looking to go? The answers probably depend upon how well resourced you will be financially, so how much you can really enjoy whatever you choose to do without having to be a slave to a huge mortgage and perhaps working far from home. People with children tend to end up being quite connected in with the rest of their communities, just as they seem to in the city, because of shared activities.

Your question is very wide! What sort of life do you see yourselves being able to have, where, how much land can you afford, etc. etc.?

And welcome to the forum, of course. :D

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9 years 1 month ago #505869 by funnyfarm331
Hi Liz and welcome to LSB, I too am an at home mum - I grew up in a small rural town in Southland and like you my husband grew up as a proper farmer!! Another thing to consider is the commute for husbands if they still work in the city or a town. Andrew leaves at 5.30am to avoid the big morning rush which means he is home by 4pm on a good day or much later on a normal day. He is happy with his drive etc, but remember to include this in your considerations.

I suggest you think about hobbies/ what you do now/ what animals you are planning to have etc.
As Ruth said parents with children tend to end up very involved in communities with school, sport etc, but you are wise to be aware of the impact moving will have on you. Be realistic about what you like, as children love anywhere once they adapt to their new school etc.

I help at our local primary school one morning each week with literacy and with other events when I can. I also volunteer at our closest high school ( where our girls are) one day in Learning Support just so I'm not at home 5 days each week. I love my days at home on my own with the dogs and rest of our animals but really enjoy my day 'working' in town each week too.
I manage our youngest son's soccer team and am often heard saying 'I wish I had more time at home!!'
The berry cage needs weeding, there is mowing to do, ironing and yet more washing to get done and have I mentioned I still have fruit in the freezer to make into jam? But the older dog needs a walk, our new puppy wants to play and so off with him down to see our new horse I go.

And people ask how I fill in my days :D :D :D .
All the very best, I hope you find the right place for you all.

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9 years 1 month ago #505872 by kindajojo
Was thinking about this at the Anzac service, how many local people turned out, the work that went in, the community projects and the shared lunch ...all home baking that was put on after the event...people catching up.
In the city you tend to just go out to places where things happen the country you make things happen....
So if you are not a make things happen person, you may struggle
But if you are, there are its great, get involved in the school committee they are always fundraising, your boys will get involved in son was into trail bike riding so there is always cakes to be made, help out in the kitchen, first aid stations to be manned, get a first aid certificate, pony club, animal and garden clubs, yoga, Zumba....great way to meet people at the local freezing cold hall where it is more social than serious , CWI, rugby club, get a bar managers licence and you will be in hot demand...learn to referee ripper rugby or soccer or netball or be the manager, secretary, treasure, start a craft group if you have a particular bent for something, get to know your neighbours, drop round with a plate ....they will probably come to you when you arrive....ask questions...most in the country are more than willing to help and give advice.
Join the local vet club if you are going to breed animals, a lot of communities have a local newspaper with events and are always after volunteers to help' join the local volunteer fire what ever capacity..and of course there is always running the taxi service for your children and everyone else's to whatever sporting or social event.
...a few suggestions....

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9 years 1 month ago #505885 by jimmyandliz
Hi ladies, firstly thank you so much for replying to my post totally made my day!
We are currently based in Christchurch and our ideal would be 5 acres in West Melton. We have been looking for awhile now and most pockets of land are 10 acres and those smaller are much the same cost, so it makes sense to get more for our money.
My husband feels totally fine with 10 acres but I am more daunted by ongoing costs and the level of upkeep required. The commute for him to work would only be 20 mins and his current hrs are 6-4:30 4 days a week so hopefully he should avoid peek traffic.
Financially this is a bit out of our reach but if this is our forever home then we feel some sacrifice now will be worth it. Currently I don't work but am open to exploring any small earning capacity I could have on some land. I have a large allotment which I am growing veggies on at the moment and am learning very quickly what work that entails. I would love to have some chooks, we go through so many eggs and have a surplus of food waste from children! We have had limited experiences with pet lambs in the city returning them to the farm and have coped with the home kill, so raising some sheep and cows would be on my agenda. I have lots to get my head around but I feel ready for the challenge. The boys just want a decent bike track and my husband a tractor, a decent shed and no neighbours :)

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