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Hi there, I was googling (something, can't remember now lol) and opened up a discussion on feeding to fatten up horses. It was a good interesting discussion, so I thought I would join the site it was from, and here I am :)

A little about me, I am 47 have been riding and 'doing' lots of things with horses since I were 6 or 7 (can't remember now lol). I have two horses now, one is a rescue horse who wouldn't have made it through winter without me taking her (very emaciated TB). My SB is a great 22 year old honey who really doesn't want to be bothered with pesky riding anymore, but he is so cutsey and cuddly we will never part with him.

We have our horses on 10 acres, hoping to buy our own 10acre property soonish.

I lived over in Aussie and owned TB's and SB through one of the worst droughts QLD has ever seen (2002-2004). I learnt A LOT about looking after horses through those conditions (many brushes with sand colic from the dry dusty conditions.

Eventually I want to set up a horse rescue facility here in Canterbury that is run and managed by down to earth horsey people, with professionals who support and provide their services (vets etc).

My partner and I have been learning how to barefoot trim with a mustang roll so we can do our own horses feet. the new tools for this make it so much easier! Everyone should learn how to do it lol

We both work full time and i'm branching out into doing Equine Therapy with teenagers, not the Equine assisted therapy they say is Equine Therapy though, the proper old fashioned 'teach a kid how to bond with their horse' type of therapy - tends to teach kids SO much about themselves and how the treat others :)

I am a Psychologist and have applied that to animals my whole life, I am keen to get into Horse Psychology - as due to my experience i'm not too bad at it lol :cool:

Anyhow that is me, hi to you all, and if I can shed any light on anything for you just post away.

Cheers [8D]

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