Hi from almost rural South Auckland

9 years 2 months ago #38971 by AlisonS
Hi Everyone! I've been looking on this site on and off over the years, but now I've joined up. We have a bit of land that is pretty close to mini farming for me. I have a small but varied orchard and a big vege garden. We have chooks (37 at last count) and cats at the moment. Last summer I got quails with the idea of eggs and meat, but after 2 hatches and a pretty steep learning curve we ate them all to concentrate on the chooks. Now I'm really interested in mini goats. (Notice the trend here - small animals!) Just trying to work out if we really have enough space and if I really would have enough time. My daughter assures me that she'd love to help but I'm not so sure that the help would be consistent enough.

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9 years 2 months ago #500544 by max2
Hello and welcome... I can't speak up much about small animals although my daughter has number of chooks and we have a few ducks as well, but as far as your daughter goes, if she is showing interest, do everything you can to give her and it a go.

I have a near 17 yo daughter and her help is immeasurable. This morning we have just moved 60 odd extremely heavy bales in our barn to make way for the new ones coming in tonight. Last two seasons she worked well into the wee hours off loading the new bales and storing them. She has established a new veggie patch these school holidays and brings in the cows in the afternoon for milking. If electric tapes need moving, she is there. I cannot think of anything that she won't go and do to help. Its a real family affair. :)

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9 years 2 months ago #500576 by tonybaker
Hi Allison, I too resided in S.A. many years ago, then moved to the Mainland!

I don't think you need to worry about the time factor once you have the infrastructure set up. Chickens are so easy these days with auto feeders etc. And they eat all your scraps so no need to fuss over the garbage bags being savaged by wild cats.

We have recently 'got into' ducks, Khaki Campbells, and find them to be as good as if not better than chooks. The eggs are great and the ducks are placid and don't tear up the garden like the chooks do.

Don't have goats, sheep, cows, etc until you are really good at making fences and setting up water troughs.

We have Kune Kune pigs too, they are cute but not economical. However they will eat all the weeds so save you the bother of making compost!

For vegetables we use raised beds, although these tend to need more watering. We put netting over everything polynet.co.nz/pages/mikroclima [/URL] to keep bugs n birds off.

The watering system is a raised barrel connected to Tee Tape

This year we aim to install a big tank to save the roof run off, but have to clear a site first.

Have you looked at the Wwoofing system?

Just do a bit at a time and you will get there in the end!

5 acres, Ferguson 35X and implements, Hanmay pto shredder, BMW Z3, Countax ride on mower, chooks, Dorper and Wiltshire sheep. Bosky wood burning central heating stove and radiators. Retro caravan. Growing our own food and preserving it. Small vineyard, crap wine. :)

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9 years 2 months ago #500585 by muri
Are mini goats available in NZ? I have never seen one

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