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Hi we've had an LSB for 12 years, but no time to do much with it as i was a busy LMC Midwife & my husband a full time gardener.
We have only 1 1/2 acres, but have gone through Alpacas, chooks & olives & since October I've worked on starting an orchard & productive veggie garden, as well as fighting my way thru 10 years of weed festooned garden.
We have an 8 yr old adventurous JRx & a 2 yr old GSD dog, as well as 2 category B mini horses. We got rid of most of the olives , keeping kalamatas for pickling,& had the paddocks ploughed & put into equine pasture, during that process our automatic irrigation got ploughed too--so it's now back to me to run round & turn it all on/off.
My husband bought me a scythe for Christmas, so I could cut the paddocks for hay--unfortunately it was made for a tall person & the snath was too long to adapt--it was returned to sender.
We are in drought mode here in Marlborough, so hay is a very important commodity.
I've googled scythes & it does look complicated, but am very keen & 5ft 5inches tall --so am thinking a small snath would be ok with a 75 blade, as I want to leave some grass for the horses to eat later (they got lame from over eating, so are on hay & in the yard)
Has anyone got any advice/ideas? Scythes nz doesn't have short snaths, & the eshop looks difficult to order something taylor made for me. I didn't know that I needed a wedge & peening stuff etc, so will have to get that too. Have done tai chi in the past, so should be able to scythe, when I've got one, I wait in hope, marion

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9 years 4 months ago #500422 by Mich
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Hi Marion - welcome to the site (or, if you're a previous lurker, great to have you join us :D ).

Great to hear about your piece of paradise, and good luck with the weeding. I can relate...[;)]

Cheers, Mich.

Good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help someone up. Anon.

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9 years 4 months ago #500426 by Andrea1
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No help for your particular need, Marion, just wanted to welcome you to the forum. You may want to repost your specific question to the 'Your Place' forum, as it will get more views and hopefully some useful advice. I hear you about drought more, we are as well! We went from green to brown in less than a week, but that's pretty typical for 3 out of 4 summers here. But, it always manages to surprise me!

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