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9 years 11 months ago #37924 by L and P
Hi there, thought I'd introduce ourselves as I think we will be asking for a bit of advice in the months to come...

We have a five acre property in Glenbrook, near Waiuku in South Auckland. We bought it as bare land with no fencing, water supply, power etc 18 months ago and have moved a large 1940's bungalow on site, built a shed, fully fenced the five acres into 4 paddocks, completely renovated and restored the house retaining all of it's gorgeous original splendor (also includes an extension in keeping with the original character of the house) to completion except for some wallpaper in some rooms (fussy stylist wife can't make up her mind!). Landscaping is well underway (well, when it's not torrential rain) so we are very near completing a very busy and exhausting 18 months but are looking forward to enjoying and maintaining our hard work in the years to come.

We have three children, daughter 9 and sons 7 and 3. Pets are a gold lab and 3 cats. Since moving rural we have gotten a pet kunekune pig and added to our existing flock of backyard chickens to make 10 in total. We have also got a large white pig which will be freezer food and three red & white face steers.

We are enjoying a rural lifestyle with town benefits and look forward to getting any advice on here from anyone in similar circumstances.

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9 years 11 months ago #490057 by Stu_R
:) hi and welcome aboard :) ( lol was born n bred up Waiuku way many years a go :( lol ) .. Kunekune's are the coolest piggies and great pets :)
:) you guys sound well sorted and really hope it all keeps going well for you :)

5 retired Greyhounds ( Bridgette , Lilly, GoGo,Sam and now Lenny) 15 friendly sheep all of whom are named and come when you call them :) , 2 goats, Mollie and Eee Bee :
Olive trees , .. old bugger doing the best he can with no money or land :)

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