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10 years 8 months ago #36028 by Sharko
Hi Folks
I have just joined LSB as I stumbled onto it when looking for info on distilling and I know some of you are into distilling spirits. I have just opened the book on this hobby so to speak and trying hard to get to the high grades as soon as I can, as I do like my whisky. I bought an Essencia Super Express still and all the bits that are needed to take me from Go to Whoa and have now got my second batch in the demi-john. It says my still can produce approx. 92% ABV and I should produce about 6 liters of spirit. My first yield was 80% ABV overall and around 4 liters and my second batch came out in the main 86 ABV with the tails running out at 87 degrees hitting 74% ABV. It came out about 4.5 litres in total.
I know there are lots of ways to skin the cat and some of you will have perfected the art, so if you are willing to share this knowledge then I am keen to listen.

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10 years 8 months ago #471154 by kaybe
Hi Sharko, I've only ever tried the soft(ish) stuff - brewing beer and cider. One day I might get into distilling, I have a book on making vodka and gin which my OH bought years ago and never did anything with :rolleyes:.

Well done you, and hopefully some fellows distillers will speak up soon.

Tomorrow is the day I will stop procrastinating.

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