Dry as a Bone in Northland

10 years 11 months ago #34525 by Avalon
Hello everyone
It's good to join lsb at last. I've been on my 1.2ha block for 2 years now, just me and my 7-year-old boy, plus a couple of dozen hens, 2 steers, 2 goats, 2 cats and a dog.
I'm from England where I spent years of my life dreaming about living with space to breathe and now I have it.
I'm blessed with good neighbours that have taught me a lot but it's good to be part of this community now, where I will learn so much more.

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10 years 11 months ago #454756 by heirloomgardener
Welcome Avalon

I'm orig from Scotland,I've been living out here just on 5 yrs ..I don't think I could ever go back to living in my tiny flat in Edinburgh.. [;)]

I'm sure you will find the community here very helpful on the good ship LSB..I only joined last week and have sourced some great advice from fellow members..

One of the first things I did was join the seed box list.. (kinda like a seed swap) You get sent a box of various seeds and take what you need and then add some of your own then pass it on to the next person..

You will find more information on this thread : www.lifestyleblock.co.nz/lsb-forum/showthread.php?t=34845

Best regards

P.s I think I will try and do a highland jig (Scottish rain dance) :D really dry down here too ..

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