Have your ex chasing YOU – Simple Psychological Tricks

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Do you Want to get your ex to chase you, in this article we will talk about human psychology programming that was with the start of the creation of mankind

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People want what they can’t have

There are many reasons why this argument is correct.Always people trying to get what is best

I’m sure you can think of plenty of things you can’t have and that you don’t want. This is especially true when it comes to specific people. Ever been turned down by a person you didn’t like that much to begin with? Did it make you want to chase them more or did you just laugh it off? The desire to chase someone is much more complex than ,people want what they can’t have

Certainly when you have something you want strongly ‘ll love that you see for a day or two and then no longer want.Remember when you were a kid and there was that toy you REALLY wanted? But then once you had it you only played with it for a day or two

People want what they value

After getting the toy and feel it’s always with you, but when someone else comes and takes it from you. Feel desire again obtain.Not completely! If that toy was actually a lot of fun you wouldn’t have got bored with it. You would have VALUED the toy. Then if you valued the toy and it was taken away you would have been VERY UPSET that it was taken away. This is the difference between you and your ex right now. You valued them but they didn’t value you. That’s why they pushed you away and you were upset about it

But DON’T WORRY! We can fix it

Why Do People Value Things

This is because they’re hard to get. People chase things that are hard to get. In today’s society look at things such as gold. Gold isn’t valuable in a practical sense. It’s just pretty and people want it and there isn’t that much of it so it becomes valuable. If you could just find gold like they were stones on the ground it would have no value. Since you cannot find gold everywhere this creates SCARCITY. Also if no one else wanted gold it would have no value. Since it is hard to find and other people want it all of a sudden it now has value. Since other people want it too this creates DESIRABILITY. These TWO elements create VALUE. This is why people ‘chase’ gold! It can also be applied to get your love to chase you

If you were one of those people who begged or pleaded with your ex or if you were one of those people who cried a lot in front of them then they think you are too available. They have taken you for granted and thinks that they can get you back at any time. Right now they are OK with losing you because they don’t VALUE you
It’s like you’re that toy right now that you got as a little kid and got bored with
So the trick is to make them THINK you don’t want them anymore and you’re moving on
This has some benefits
Your ex won’t understand why you don’t want them anymore
Your ex will be surprised that you moved on so fast and it will make them question if they made a mistake
Your ex might wonder if you’re happy seeing someone else

This will cause your ex to CHASE you

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