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Found my way from the article in the Listener.
I probably don't count, as we do not have any acres, 10, 1, 1/2, 1/4....
We have 500sqm.

Aren't able to generate own power, keep animals or anything either.

However we have ripped the section apart, removed the noxious weeds it consisted of and converted it almost all to food.

We have gardened for 34 years, this is the smallest section we have ever had. Still, it's easy to manage.
I preserve - bottle, salt and freeze.

I budget, probably more than you do. I have to.
Shopping - doesn't happen in supermarkets that's for sure.

It was a nice article really, but beyond the dreams of the majority I would say. Even a 500sqm place here in Auckland now is beyond most I know.

Elsewhere? Great, what do you do for work? I see the young and fit can get away with I guess, or the well off and highly skilled, doing contract work or such.

The regular wage earner though.....Hmm.

We did try, we went to SOuthland, husband couldn't get enough handyman work, I couldn't get enough to run my PC repair business I started, couldn't get work either.

So...back here, at least there are jobs for those of us who need them still.

I have to say though, this is the garden I have enjoyed the most. It took a lot of work to begin with, but now it's easy to keep up and allows time to enjoy it all (and work in the job market).

I am trying to encourage the bees, no I am not going to try hives, there are a few, mostly it's bumblebees. I have set up potential nests for them put water sources around and of course have a lot of the flowers they like.

All I need now is a dwarf buddleia, can't find one. Well, need, perhaps not, but it would be a helpful addition.

Sadly it must be a dwarf, no room for a full size one.
I've managed to jam a cherry, lemon, orange, 2 black doris plums, 2 grape vines, a passion fruit vine, strawberry patch, 3 herb gardens and 3 vege patches onto the section.

I have 2 old fashioned climbing roses - for the bees - as well.

Seems to be catching......the Housing Corp family behind us have now put in a wee garden. Really wee, their place is one of the nasty no section things with a strip of lawn along the edge. Still, it's doing well now....
Every little bit helps.

Our passionfruit escaped through the fence and they have put up some trellis on their side to help it along. I don't mind.

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Article in Listener? Haven't got my new one yet...Kate, have you been busy talking to journos? [;)]

I really think that 'lifestyle block' can often be a state of mind rather than the amount of land. Plenty of folk on 5000sqm plus who won't be getting as much productive use of their land as you are getting on your 500sqm :rolleyes: good for you :D

Take a break...while I take care of your home, your block, your pets, your stock! [;)] PM me...

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I remember as a child visiting my mothers elderly Aunty and husband and the entire back of the section was vege garden. I have fond memories of walking between tall walls of beans picking them off the vine and eating them there and then. Have always tried to put a garden down wherever I've lived and now my children are just the same. Such a rewarding occupation on all levels. Great to see your neighbours following your example. May be the ripple effect could move on out from there. Nothing so nice as fresh picked vegetables.

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11 years 6 months ago #448960 by ffrost3
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Sounds like you are making the 500m2 really work for you - a great lifestyle block!
I remember back in the 80s when my father was telling me about these 'grow bed garden' things where you can grow lots in a small area. There was a man sharing his ideas globally of how to grow much more with less land. This was especially important in some developing nations as land comes at a high price. Of course those are now most often referred to as 'raised bed', but I digress... My point really is just that you can be quite productive in a small space with a little creativity and it sounds like you are bubbling over with creativity and intelligent ideas.

Watched the land I wanted come up for sale
Viewed it with the agent
Found out there was an offer in on the property contigent on the sale of a house
Sold my house first
Negotiated an offer
Offer was accepted
Waiting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 days cash-out clause to expire... they came up with the money. Back to square 1

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