Chooks loosing feathers

11 years 10 months ago #32382 by nairndjn
Our 12 month old Red shavers are loosing neck feathers, free range, wheat, laying pellets and oyster grit diet, still laying OK.

Any thoughts?.


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11 years 10 months ago #432685 by Sue
Replied by Sue on topic Chooks loosing feathers
Hi and welcome Donald.
Losing feathers round the neck only, or a partial moult can be due to a couple of things.
They are losing feathers because they are being rubbed off up the front of their neck, on a feeder, or poking their heads through wire to get at something outside-the grass is always greener scenario.

They have had a 'stress' which has sent them into a partial moult.
Now that stress could be as simple as a change of brand of feed, a cold or wet spell where they got chilled, running out of water for a day (maybe iced over?) being introduced to a new environment, or even not enough to eat when it has become cold and they need more but cannot find it.

There is a de pluming mite which can affect the feathers around the head and neck making them brittle and easy to break off. Pestene powder shou fix this.

At 12 months old your Shavers (correct name, Shaver Brown!) are only half way through their laying year. If they are getting enough to eat and are laying well don't worry!

You could make sure they are getting enough to eat, have they got free access to the laying pellets or do you ration them daily? Make sure they don't get too much wheat-as this will unbalance the nutrients they get from the pellets.
Their diet should be unlimited pellets -17% protein ones if you can get them, plus no more that 10gms of wheat per bird and access to oyster shell grit in a seperate dish when they need it, plus free range as available. You could try feeding some extra protein, in the form of some dog roll or even mince, to help them grow new feathers.
Is it possible to post a photo of them?

Labrador lover for yonks, breeder of pedigree Murray Grey cattle for almost as long, and passionate poultry person for more years than I care to count.

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