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Hi Guys

My name is Matt Wilson and I have a passion for Rural Wireless Broadband Internet Solutions.

I have been able to supply parts of Canterbury with my own network

I can now also provide a high quality service with the RBI network that is currently being deployed.

Feel free to contact me for a site test.

My vision for the next decade of the rural broadband future is a combination of the RBI network, private operators eg; WirelessWeb and local community pushed networks.

I have installed systems for local communities likes of my Rakaia Huts over the past years.

One of the later installations, the customer had a new TV, I plugged a network cable into it and they were able to view Youtube video clips in high quality with out cutting in and out.

Mt Tripp Broadband Repeater - this was a challange that I accepted to get broadband into the Ashburton Lakes.

Why have these mini community repeaters not been installed in your area? I need to know there is a demand in your area for Broadband and the community will support it.

Amberley Broadband Repeater - This is my northern part of the network.

A number of farms have been installing local point to point WiFi data links in combination with local access points creating blanket coverage . This is to get internet from the main house to the cow shed, workshop or other locations around the farm.

This technology is being used to reduce the farm monthly internet bill and create a wireless network. I can be quoted as saying, "I build a road like network that any any traffic can been driven over for future requirements"

This means you now able to:
  • Remote access the computer on the other side of the farm from the comfort of your house.
  • Login to cameras around the farm for day time monitoring or night time security.
  • Control devices, switch them on and off via a web browser.
  • What will be the next technological device that will be required to use on the property next year, you can just about bet that it will use the internet to make it work, make it better and faster, remote support from the reseller and other for-seen reasons.

      Please contact me if you would like to talk about what can be done on your property or in your rural community and what can be done to help resolve your issue.

      Matt Wilson
      021 348-001

      WirelessWeb Ltd
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    WiFi Guys Ltd

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