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11 years 11 months ago #30861 by NickyP
Over the last few years I have realised that the poverty levels in New Zealand are rising and though we are not at a starvation level we are still at an unacceptable level poverty in New Zealand. So I decided to help change this for my community.
I have 3.5 acres of land that I am unable to tend because I am disabled due to a motor vehicle accident. The accident might have taken away some of my physical ability but none of my enthusiasm for life, I want to grow fruit and vegetables for the local food bank!
I contacted my local Marae in Papakura because I thought they would have the people power I would need and lucky for me they were not only interested but they had a Horticultural Course up and running with the MIT and so between the three of us we have created a partnership called
Te Puawaitanga - The seed, the blossoming .
(There is a write up in the local courier under www.papakuracourier.co.nz feb 29,2012 pg 5 if anybody wants to read about the start of the project. The tutors name is Phil Sutherland not Phil Kiagu by the way.)

The project is being worked purely by students and volunteers and we have no budget but we have a lot of heart. What our gardeners are looking for are some bales of old pea straw for the garden. Are the any generous people out in the South Auckland Community who can help us with this request please? As I said we have no funds but we could put a logo onto the bottom of our letterhead in return!

As I said above, the fruit and vegetables are going to the foodbank but it does not stop there, we are also going to give cooking lessons with some of the produce and a free meal on the Marae on the lesson day by the trainee cooks.

Can you help me help my Community please? Do you know anywhere I could ask for bales of rotting free pea straw please?

Many thanks


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11 years 11 months ago #415903 by LongRidge
I've never used pea straw because it is far too expensive , in my vege garden. But I have used mouldy balage which has worked really well. Mouldy hay would work too, but with both there is every likelihood that you will introduce grass and weed seeds. These are easy to keep in control using RoundUp, or by weeding the seedlings out. If using hay or balage, remember that nitrogen is needed by the bugs to break up the grass stalks into compost.

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11 years 11 months ago #415907 by muri
I doubt very much you will find any pea straw around in auckland, its not really grown up here, its brought up from the Hawkes bay or wherever.
People who have paid cartage to get it up are probably not likely to give it away. It is not the sort of thing that people on farms would use up here, more likely that strawberry growers and the like buy it in

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11 years 11 months ago #416445 by NickyP
Thankyou, Strawberry Growers!!! I have one down the road I never thought to go and see them what a wonderful, wonderful idea! I do understand that this is a long shot but if anyone had any rotting under a tarp beside a shed we would be very grateful!!!!

Fantastic things are happening and we are being offered incredibile goodies for the garden all the time and we are surprised by peoples generosity so we are obviously on the right track with the concept of our garden.

This Thusday we are going to start planting already! We have an area set up for the grass clippings .... now we are sending the cows home next door this weekend because they keep thinking the grass clippings are for them! I do love them and even more their contribution to the garden fertiliser but they have to stop eating the garden mulch!

Will let you know more as and when it happens.

Nicky P

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