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Hey everyone!
My Names Rachael my husband Ben and our 7 month old son live on a little 1 acre section that needs some love and attention!!
Was a blank canvas when we moved in house has no gardens etc is just a little farm cottage in the middle of a paddock.
We have been working hard getting a front fence up, paddocks fenced and it is finally starting to look like our little dream :) Now to fill it with animals :) :)

We got given a boer goat kid xmas eve "Gary" he is only 6 weeks old now but is extremely lonely and we are trying desperately to find him another little friend, little lamb or another goat even a pig were getting desperate!!

We live in Inglewood, Taranaki so If anyone knows of any please let us no would be very much appreciated!

When we have our fences up properly we hope to have 4 sheep 2 goats and a pig and who knows what else we will end up wit

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Welcome, and enjoy your blank slate they can be so much easier to make what you want than an already established lot :)

if you can give a hint where you are in the countryside someone may be more able to help with locating a friend for your kid.

good luck and I am sure you will have more animals than you know what to do with in no time - pretty much everyone else around here does :D

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