Bonjour Madams et Monsieurs

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Replied by GloPony on topic Bonjour Madams et Monsieurs
That is just AWESOME!! I'm SO happy!! You're doing a FANTASTIC job!

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12 years 5 months ago #406019 by Belle Bosse

LongRidge;401711 wrote: A small note from the self appointed Assistant (note) Grammar Enforcement Manager (abbreviated to GEM if you wish). Mesdam and Messieur, without the "s" at the end :-).
Dton wrroy too muhc abuot teh splleign. Ambiguity is a problem though.

Aaha, Longridge,
I think your definition of Self Appointed "Assistance with Grammar Management and Enforcement" is rather funny, but you may need to check with Kate if you actually qualify for the position.

I'm afraid your spelling desperately needs a hefty dose of ant-is-pelli-ngb-iot-ics immediately... or a miniature donkey to kick it into shape!

According to my Oxford Beginner's French dictionary: "mesdames et messieurs"

with the "s" on the end, as it is plural. Google Translate gave me the same...
so; we both stand corrected!! :o
I aim for accuracy but it looks like I missed that one badly! How embarrassing!! But thanks for pointing it out.

If I'm ambiguous; either I meant to be like that, or, the sentence needs re structuring. Let me know what section needs reworking and I'd be happy to make it read clearer. Sometimes the first draft is clumsy.

But all that aside... Merry Christmas. I hope you have a great day!
Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee! (without the accent marks, sorry.)

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