In need of fresh meat for research (Dunedin)

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12 years 3 months ago #29531 by hafiz.otago

Im a PhD Student at the Dept of Food Science, University of Otago. I was hoping if anyone here can help me out. Im currently in the process of running some preliminary observation with regards to meat (the basic idea is to understand why meat spoils, and associating that with biochemical response).

I find it quite hard to get hold of really fresh beef loins (the one at the works are usually cold boned, meaning that its chilled for a few days before cutting into cuts and what not). my best bet are homekill style animal (how I wished I was near Lincoln Uni, they have their own abattoir).

another problem with homekill is the regulation which don't allow trading of homekill meat unless the animal was killed at a proper placed (registered with MAF). which was why some homekill operator were a bit reluctant to help..

I hope if anyone in this forum can help me obtain fresh loins, would be really beneficial for my project. Im looking to get something in and around Dunedin (upto 1 hours drive from dunedin CBD should be ok too)

some may ask why loins, well because loins? well, because loins are muscle that is less worked on compared to the muscle from the leg. the Idea was, the less worked muscle, once become meat tend to have a much slower oxidative activity.. there's a lot of mumbo jumbo here, but in the end, its the biochemical attributes of the meat which will determined the shelf life of the meat.. my research is focusing on venison and beef.. previously I got beef from the works at Finergan (not sure of the spelling)for shelf life study, but they are reluctant to just sell 1kg of beef loins..since its just preliminary, I cant justify the purchase of a whole loin while I just needed less than a kg for the preliminary works..

I hope you guys can help me out here..



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12 years 3 months ago #400991 by kate
Hi Hafiz and welcome to lsb :D

As you have said, it is illegal to sell or trade homekill meat so I assume you're asking for a gift of meat? I'm not entirely sure how legal that is with homekill - it's a grey area.

However, you might have more luck talking to a dual-operator butcher, who can homekill and sell to the public. One in your area is Outram Butchery Limited, 2 Mountfort Street, Outram.


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12 years 3 months ago #401006 by Hawkspur
In your situation you could explain that the purpose for which you are buying the meat is not for human consumption or use under the terms of the Act.
The Animal Products Act defines sale as
" ...sell means sell for human consumption or use..."
and "...In this section the term use means any use in connection with the preparation or packing of food for human consumption."
see here.

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12 years 2 months ago #404203 by LittleLSB
Its outside your 1 hour from Dunedin ideal territory - but Adair Abbatoirs in Timaru might be able to help you if you can somehow get the meat down to Dunedin in a timely manner. Adair process animals for pet food. Contact details are on their web site at

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