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Hi there, everyone!
I've been a member since we moved in April but have only really got on here lately since we got the fencing done and started getting animals. We laid low a bit for our first winter and took our time deciding what animals to get. Your advice in the archived posts has already been fabulous help.

We are a family of four, soon to be 5, on a 3 acre block in Waimauku, north west Auckland. About half of that is native bush so we really just have the house paddock and then another paddock for animals.

We've got a 9wk kid that I've been rearing since 2wks old. She's adorable. I'd have more goats if I had the room!! I also just got a ewe and her 2 lambs about 3 weeks ago. They are very friendly but already having some health problems so I'm reading everything I can about keeping them in good shape. I probably bought somebody else's culls without realizing it. I had no idea what to buy. I'm' sure I'll be asking you all lots of questions about it later.

We also have 8 rescue chooks from an animal sanctuary and plan to get a few more. That will probably be our lot for animals as we don't have pasture for much more than that.

Before this we were living in Boston for many years, right in the city. We loved the city experience for that period of time but always knew we wanted the opposite when it came to raising our kids so we came back to NZ looking for lots of space and animals to love. We're both kiwis. We were just in Boston for work.

Loving the lifestyle block life so far and Waimauku is a fantastic community!

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12 years 4 months ago #395775 by stephclark
Replied by stephclark on topic New in Waimauku
welcome to the forum and to the neighbourhood... waimauku is a great little community.. good luck with all your ventures and i am sure you will learn alot from the collective knowledge on this site


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12 years 4 months ago #396062 by Stu_R
Replied by Stu_R on topic New in Waimauku
:) hi and welcome to the LSB cyber family :)
Ask any questions you want in the main your pl;ace forum :) lots of people with lots of knowledge on here :)
:) wish ytou luck with the goats :) lol i have 2 also and they are fine now :) but pains in bum growing up :) lol

5 retired Greyhounds ( Bridgette , Lilly, GoGo,Sam and now Lenny) 15 friendly sheep all of whom are named and come when you call them :) , 2 goats, Mollie and Eee Bee :
Olive trees , .. old bugger doing the best he can with no money or land :)

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12 years 4 months ago #397213 by Falcons Rest
Replied by Falcons Rest on topic New in Waimauku
I'm also based in Waimauku; Old North Road end of it, and have a small flock of Wiltshires. Let me know if you need a hand with your lambs & ewe's - esp. when it comes to drenching & vaccinations as buying the stuff for just a couple of sheep would be an expensive thing! (plus getting the vet out to do it isn't cheap either!). Would be good to start meeting folk in the area; I've only been here a couple of months so far and met the neighbors and their Llamas but been so busy sorting my fences out I've neglected anything else!

[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Wiltshires, Beefies, Boers, Captain Cookers, Muscovies, assorted Chooks, 2 cats & a confused dog........ No suprise the cats are in charge.:p

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