New Member with baby animal problems

10 years 10 months ago #394124 by LongRidge
It would be very unusual to have a live calf with black leg. They tend to die very, very quickly with that bug (Clostridium chauvoei), even if they are treated with lots of penicillin. Also, they pick the bug up off the ground, and it just sits in the body until the conditions are right for it to hatch. Unless the calf picked the bug up at birth, she is probably too young to have eaten enough pasture to have picked it up, unless she is on bare ground and has licked that.
To give the vet a better idea, phone the person you bought the calf from and ask if the cows were vaccinated with 5-in-1 vaccine, and did the calf get colostrum within the first 12 hours of it's life. The person who sold you the calves is legally obliged to supply an Animal Status Declaration form with the calves (which he probably did not do), which will have his phone number on the form.

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